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Torchlight 3

State of the Game Week 11

By A310yao | Wed 02 Sep 2020 10:14:13 AM PDT

Spoiler Alert: Upcoming update is now scheduled for September 8th, 2020.

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Good morning frontier,


Last week we addressed some of the community feedback we received about the most recent Relic Subclass update. We are still working to adjust and refine our monster tuning, along with an abundance of bug fixes and general performance updates, but we feel more confident every day with our progress as we work closer towards launch.  


The updates we mentioned last week may not be final versions, as our small team continues to test and refine the adjustments we have recently made, but we are continuing to listen to all the feedback and are just as anxious as you to get this next update released. We’ll post a detailed preview of the update as soon as we get closer to releasing it.

However, as part of our shift from aggressive content updates to more refined builds for Early Access, we are currently working to ensure this build is ready for release, including testing the tuning for every difficulty and resolving many of the player reported bugs. Because of this, the upcoming update is currently slated for September 8th; we do not consider this date as a firm commitment; our priority is to ensure a stable and improved build to Early Access.


And while delays are never fun, sometimes we just have to cut ourselves a bit of a break. With all the things happening in the world, we are lucky to be doing what we get to do. Life happens and we continue on, with our packs and pets in tow. 


Watching (and evacuating) the California fires while welcoming a new Sharpshooter to the party…



Starting new adventures and avoiding the falling trees of 2020…


As we work closer towards launch, we hope that we are able to bring you a product that brings a little light into your life. This community and your support is what brings a little light into ours…


- Max



We are always in a continuing process to scrub and review bugs that have been reported to our Support Center, but we wanted to highlight a few of the most critical, highly reported, and consistent issues players are still encountering and any updates we might have for those specific problems. This is not an exhaustive or complete list of reported issues.


The best way for us to resolve an issue is with visual/audio reporting (screenshots, audio, video), logs, debug info, and reproducible steps. Other useful information might include: if you were playing in a party, if you noticed any additional strange behavior, if others have experienced the same issue, etc.

(It is better to upvote a current/existing bug or suggestion than to create a new, duplicate ticket.)

  • You can send additional information, like logs, to with your Nolt link in the body of the email.
  • You can discuss bugs on Discord, but they may not get a full review without a Nolt ticket, debug info, logs, or other details.



The next big update is scheduled for 09/8/2020 and contains fixes for all of the following issues:


Killing Squawkclaw (and other bosses) does not give you credit for completing quests.

We have updated how bosses are now counted when killed, we hope this will resolve the issue for this boss and others in an upcoming update.


Players are reporting hazards in some areas are producing one-hit kills.

It appears some players are running into areas where hazards are killing them in one-shot without warning. We are reviewing and adjusting affected hazards.


Players are reporting they are unable to claim chests stuck behind NPCs

Chests become inaccessible after being spawned behind a NPC. This NPC is being moved around in town in an upcoming update.

Cannot open pet cage in Thorned Ingress

Players have reported an inability to open chests in Thorned Ingress. We are reviewing the issue and may have a fix ready for an upcoming update.


There is not supposed to be a secret alpaca level.

Someone is getting an animal welfare check in McTyre's Cove to check on these poor alpaca living conditions.


Players are reporting their trains are going off the rails.

We have fixes ready for this for an upcoming update that may resolve many of these train specific issues, but not all Railmaster issues may be resolved in the upcoming update.


Players have described traveling to a Blue Void (dead space). Post Relic Subclass Update.

Players describe getting stuck in a Blue Void (dead space) after traveling. We need logs and debug info for this info to help resolve this. Please send these forward and we will review - see details above on how to find your logs and send them to us.




Lag, Desync, and Rubberbanding - Post Relic Subclass update

Some players are reporting issues with performance/lag/rubberbanding after the latest update. Please send us any details, logs, and debug info you can in order for us to better resolve hitches, lag, loading screen issues, and other areas of stability.

Monsters Stuck in an Invulnerable Status
We are looking for logs and reproduction steps for this issue. Please review the info above on how to find and send your logs.



"No Platform Available" error message or other issues involving login.

  • This bug indications the player is unable to properly connect to the platform (Steam).
  • Sometimes resolve itself after resetting Steam.
  • A firewall, anti-virus, anti-cheat, torrenter, or other 3rd party software is blocking access.
  • If your internet service provider is blocking the game/Steam.
  • When you open from the .exe file and not from the Steam Library.
  • If you are not connected (or Steam believes you are not connected) to Steam properly.
  • To users who used to be able to play via Steam Proton. 
  • Potentially happens if your clock is not properly set.
  • Happens sometimes to users using Razer mouse/keyboards.
  • A similar error occurs if your game is set as an Administrator. Remove this from your game's settings to play.


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