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Torchlight 3

State of the Game: Week 2

By SoFech | Thu 25 Jun 2020 01:55:00 PM PDT

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During Early Access we want players to get up-to-the-moment information about what's going on with the game & dev team focus. This week's State of the Game letter comes from Max Schaefer, CEO & Founder of Echtra


Hi everybody!


We’re into our third week of Early Access, and it seems like it’s been a month already! I can’t thank you enough for all the feedback you’ve shared, it’s given us amazing insight into all the things we got right, and all the things we got wrong. After the first 36 hours of getting our servers stable and fixing all the things that catch fire when thousands of people play your game for the first time, we got to the business of listening, bug-fixing, and developing a roadmap to maximizing the potential of Torchlight III. Before I talk about what’s coming, I want to say a few things about that. We know that many companies don’t take Early Access seriously, and it’s just a way to make money before they release. We will prove to you over the coming months that we take a very different approach. Everything you’ve been telling us, we’ve been hearing. When someone says we’ve missed the mark on something, you know deep down if they’re right. You’ve been right a lot. So after the first several days of your input, we took stock of where we were, and set out on an ambitious, exciting, and player-focused plan to address the substantive and insightful recommendations you’ve been making. Whether it’s been the feedback posted on our Nolt Support Center, or from Twitch streams, from our amazing group in Discord, or from the various social media platforms, we’ve taken it all in. Sometimes it was a bitter pill for us to take, and sometimes we thought “well of course we should do that!”. In all cases, it will make our game better. It is at a time like this that I am thankful that we created a flexible game architecture that allows us to make profound changes in a relatively short amount of time. You’re about to get the first taste.


Next week we will release our first major patch, which will include Act 3 in the Echonok mountains, and the return of our Contracts system and its Fame mechanic. These features will be accompanied by a vast list of fixes and updates to other areas of the game - last I looked the patch notes are 18 pages long. Most of the items listed below will be attached to this patch, including the Lifebound system, Relic skills, UI re-scaling and refinements, less sticky monster collision, and a ridiculous number of other fixes based on your feedback and suggestions. If you saw a popular suggestion or bug fix that is not listed below or in the upcoming patch, you may still see it arrive in an upcoming patch. So thank you again for sticking with us, and buckle up, because it’s going to be an amazing ride! 


- Max



While we have had many bugs reported to our Support Center, we wanted to highlight a few of the most critical, highly reported, and consistent issues players are still encountering and any updates we might have for those specific problems:

Reliquary quest is breaking when players place Reliquary before the quest starts.

  • This has been fixed in a recent hotfix patch. Players still having trouble gaining access to Ember Cores should just need to re-kill Kronch to complete the quest (which will enable Ember Cores to drop). If you are still having this problem after patching and killing Kronch, please contact us at
  • Additionally in this upcoming patch the Reliquary will no longer cost Gold, which will help provide a smaller barrier to entry for Relics.


Luck Tree quest is breaking when players delete a character with the consumable Luck Tree item

  • In this upcoming patch we are making this item account wide as opposed to character wide. That way the consumable item will remain in your inventory even if you delete a character. We are still investigating other issues that may prevent players from properly consuming the item.


Pet Shelter gets stuck in Fort

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Steam Achievements broken.

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Missing quest items.

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Holy Bolt Tier 1 bonus doesn't always work.

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Cannot enter Den of Upheaval. Unable to click to enter.

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Mushrooms misspelled in Fort.

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.
  • Stayed up all night on this one, huge team effort, got it over the line.


Flaming Destroyer activation power deals no damage.

  • All Relics are getting updates in this upcoming patch, including updates to Active Skills. Other bug fixes and updates are also slated for this upcoming patch.


Option to keep my Overlay Map up. (The highest rated community priority in our Support Center)

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Lifebound is not a fun mechanic and shocking to new players.

  • Lifebound is getting a big update in this upcoming patch. This is going to become an opt-in system as opposed to an opt-out.


Ability to Mute/Hide in game chat.

  • Being worked on, didn’t make this patch but will be in the next major release.


Add UI Scaling Option

  • We’ve updated the DPI in this upcoming patch which will hopefully align the UI/HUD better for more PC resolution sizes and we hope to add this option in the settings menu to scale the UI in the future.


Buyback tab for town vendors.

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Add Australian servers.

  • Fixed in this upcoming patch.


Pet not attacking nor using most of its skills.

  • Increased the aggro range of pets to 1200 in this upcoming patch.


Goblin Legion and other Sharpshooter Pets not attacking appropriately.

  • Fixed an issue with Sharpshooter pets in this upcoming patch.



As always, you can continue to report bugs and feedback on our Support Center and we will continue to update everyone and send out patches as we resolve problems. Thank you again for the patience, help, logs, and community support as we continue to make this a product our community continues to play and love for years to come.


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