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Torchlight 3

Goblin Forest Travelogue

By SoFech | Thu 14 May 2020 08:55:00 AM PDT

Here begins the Travelogue of Aleph, the Map Vendor

I arrived at Trevail Point several months ago after departing from Red Haven with nothing but General Graye’s blessing to keep me safe. It took some pleading, but the General let me join this expedition through the Goblin Homeland in an effort to complete my Explorer Sprite training. My only patches left to earn were “Forest Survival”, “Frontier Bivouacking” and “Improvised Weaponry.” In my time here, I have yet to claim these badges, but I have found something far more valuable. My Cartomancy skills have been growing, and have thus far earned me a pretty profit. But what’s the point of profit without even more profit? With that in mind, I set out deep into the Goblin Forest to chronicle what I might find.


Hidden Falls

I braved the treacherous route around the Lake hoping that the booming dynamite would hide the sound of my footsteps as I ventured deeper into Firebelly Tribe territory. Imagine my surprise as I stumbled upon what could only be described as a serene natural wonder: If it weren’t infested with Goblins, that is. Nestled along the course of these Hidden Falls, I spotted the signature rickety platforms and ramshackle scaffolding the goblins call architecture. I couldn’t make my way to the bottom of the Falls without drawing their attention, but I suspect they have some kind of fishing operation going.


Infernal Archer

As I crept through the shattered headstones and ravaged crypts littering the Witching Grounds, I could sense the presence of a great, burning malevolence nearby. I ducked behind a toppled gravestone just as a trio of Infernal Archers patrolled by. The witches here use their dark magics to resurrect the remains of humans bold enough to enter the goblin homeland. Given new, smoldering life, these flame-bound archers use their own endless fires to ignite their arrows, granting them extra burning potency.

Here ends the travelogue of Aleph, the Map Vendor 

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