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Torchlight 3

Fort Frills, Features, and Facilities

By SoFech | Fri 24 Apr 2020 08:55:00 AM PDT

Last week we gave you a look at the many ways you’ll be able to utilize a vast selection of decorative and cosmetic items to make your dream fort on the Frontier. An estate dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge full of libraries, arcane crystals, and exotic plant life? Or maybe an iron fortress brimming with weapons, training grounds, and trophies from your many triumphs? The choices are endless, and ultimately only yours to make. This week, however, we wanted to discuss the items that will help you grow and upgrade your characters as you progress through the game.


Monumental Additions

Just because an item is built for function doesn’t mean that it can’t also serve as a decorative centerpiece in your fort. Monuments are biome-specific items that evolve over time, granting an increasingly stronger buff the more leveled up it is. For example, the first one you’ll get access to is the Crowning Worldgnasher, which is specific to the Goblin Forest biome in Act 1. When you first construct it it’s only a small stone head on the ground, but as you feed it Goblin Fury - unique material that drops randomly from slain goblins - it will eventually evolve into a massive flaming totem, granting increased fire defense to both you and visitors of your fort.

There’s also the Hyvidsbane Weed, which grants poison defense, and the Forsaken Fortunauto that grants permanent gold bonuses!


Shakeup Your Skills

As with any adventure, there are many twists and turns. Circumstances are constantly changing and what worked in one situation might not work in another. Maybe as a Sharpshooter you invested a lot in your Marksman tree through the first act, because it was easier to take down smaller enemies from afar. Now, however, you’re being overrun by swarms of Hyvid and are in desperate need of the escapability and summons the Artifact tree provides.

That’s why we’ve included skill stations for each class where you can unlearn current skills and make way for new ones:

Arcanum - Dusk Mage skill station
Arms Cart - Sharpshooter skill station
Automaton Shop - Forged skill station
Workshop - Railmaster skill station

We wanted to give players the ability to adjust their builds over the course of their playthrough and not feel locked into a specific path. In order to use the skill stations, though, you’ll need to use a certain number of respectacle points. You’ll receive your first one when you hit level 5 and will receive one for every 10 levels gained after that. 


Crafting a Home

These items don’t come free, though. You’ll be granted certain essential items from the start, like a basic skill station, enchanting table, and pet sanctuary, but everything else will need to be crafted from resources you find while playing. Each zone has a multitude of resource nodes containing wood logs, metal nuggets, and stone rocks that you’ll need to harvest. Once harvested, you can take these raw materials back to your fort and feed them to your Sawmill, Smelter, and Stonemason, to refine them into wood planks, metal bars, and stone blocks, respectively. You can then use these refined materials to craft functional items, as well as cosmetic objects unlocked through the Contracts system as you play.

There’s also a unique crafting item that every adventurer will receive at the beginning of their adventure: The Luck Tree. It may start as a small sprout, but as you feed it unwanted items it will continue to grow, first becoming a sapling, then a young tree, and finally a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree. Similar to the monuments, it will grant increasing luck bonuses based on its size.


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