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Torchlight 3

New Enchanting Additions

By echtra_hobbs | Fri 06 Sep 2019 08:18:23 AM PDT

Update 9: Seeds of Fortune is only a few weeks away and brings a shimmering multitude of additions, including the magnificent Luck Tree for your fort and a new Enchantment system!

These new features expand upon a growing set of self-selected goals that exist outside of questing and gaining levels with your character. In Torchlight Frontiers you’ll rake in more loot than you could ever hope to stash for a rainy day. Both the Luck Tree and the Enchantment system give you something new to do with those mountains of gear.

Luck Tree

When it comes to growing your Luck tree, there’s no green thumb required. Sacrifice your unwanted gear and it’ll spring up like a weed! There are five tiers for your Luck Tree in all, each granting a modest increase to an account-wide bonus to Item Luck. The higher quality the item you use to empower your tree, the faster the progress advances to the next tier.

Every great tree starts as an itty bitty sprout.

Searching out another player’s Fort with a Luck Tree is a good idea as well. You can sacrifice one piece of gear to that player’s tree for a temporary Item Luck buff that stacks with your own Luck Tree bonus. The better the item you use, the stronger the buff. Be generous!


As outlined in our original discussion, this new system promises more customization and additional depth when it comes to outfitting your character. In Update 9, equipment with enchanting slots can now be found. Lower tier items will typically have only one or two slots, while the best items will have two or three.

Even at a low level, these gloves are a perfect candidate for enchantment.

Enchanting is managed from the Enchanting Station in your Fort. Here you can convert unwanted equipment into various essences that are then spent on enchantments. Breaking down magic or rare items will yield magic or rare essence. Likewise, breaking down legendary items will produce legendary essence.

To start, you’ll have access to a default set of enchantments. These are separated into categories, as not every enchantment can go on every item. Each recipe will vary depending on the quality of the item you wish to enchant (i.e. the same enchantment will have a different ingredient list depending on whether the item you’re enchanting is magic, rare, or legendary). 

Enchanting is not an exact science. When you select a recipe, take “Shock and Awe” for example, there are a number of possible outcomes: electric damage, shock chance, shock duration, shock bolts, stun chance, blind chance or blind duration; any one of which could be applied to the enchantment slot. On top of that, the ranges of the bonus depend on item quality as well--legendary items receiving the highest ranges. Don’t like what you rolled? You can always disenchant and try again. Take note that disenchanting wipes enchantments from every slot, so plan accordingly!

An adventuring Forged has some important decisions to make at the Enchanting Station.

This first iteration of the Enchantment system needs your feedback, so we’re putting it in your hands before we’ve added all the bells and whistles. In later updates we’ll add a progressions system to Enchanting, so that the more you practice the stronger your enchantments become. Ultimately, we want to enable players to specialize in an enchantment type and share the benefits of that mastery with other players via their fort. 

Update 9: Seeds of Fortune signals our return to adding new content and features to the Torchlight Frontiers alpha after the recent quality of life and bug scrubbing in Update 8. The Luck Tree and Enchanting system are just a couple of the many features shipping soon. Tune in next time where we’ll outline the return of Fame & Contracts!

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