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Torchlight 3

Update 5: Lonesome Whistle

By Hobbs | Mon 22 Apr 2019 10:00:00 AM PDT

Railmasters are the vanguard of civilization pushing into the wilderness. Laying one stretch of rail at a time, these solitary adventurers are revered for their indefatigable spirit. Wherever you find a pair of sturdy tracks deep in the underbrush, you have only to listen for the Railmaster’s whistle to guide you further into the frontier.

Notable Changes

New Railmaster class

We’re bursting at the rivets over this one. We’ve been wanting to share the details for what feels like ages. Be sure to read the latest blog post and watch the VOD from the livestream to see the Railmaster in action.

  • Smash foes with a class-unique Railhammer weapon
  • Steam into battle with a mighty battle train
  • Added a craftable Alpha Hero of Steel Railmaster Wardrobe to players’ Fort inventory
  • All players now have five total character slots, up from three.

Fixed Overspawns

It’s been a mutating and multi-limbed beast to tackle, but we’ve made some serious headway in taming the out-of-control spawning that was taking place in areas like Gobtown. You should no longer encounter wave upon wave of champions. There’s still tuning for spawn rates to be done, but the worst of it is over.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause champion pack spawns to trigger nearly infinite additional waves of champion packs.

Focus Tuning

We've upped the damage ranges and provided resource regeneration to help Foci fill a stronger niche relative to 2H weapons.

  • Dusk Mages now start with a Focus in their offhand instead of a shield.
  • Phix, the blacksmith in the Imperial Outpost, now supplies a free starter Focus.
  • Foci now begin dropping at level 1 instead of level 3.
  • Increased 1H + Focus damage to be close to 2H weapon damage output.
  • Foci now have an inherent resource charging effect for energy, endurance, or steam dissipation.

New Monsters

We’ll continue to add small batches of monsters with updates. This time we’re filling the already toxic Hyvid Frontier with more gross foes.

  • Added Putrid Warrior
  • Added Putrid Archer
  • Added Putrid Slayer

Text Localization

We’ve added an initial pass of localization for French, German, and Italian text. We’re looking forward to translation feedback and bug reports on these locales!

  • The game will default to the Windows OS language settings if applicable.
  • Players can switch their text locale manually in the Options menu.


  • Digitus attacks no longer builds dark energy charge for the Dusk Mage.
  • Non-container breakable objects no longer drop equipment.
  • Reduced the proc chance and duration of blind and stun effects by 80% from all sources.
  • Doubled the chance to interrupt Brittle Skeletons, Skeletal Archers, Infernal Archers and Noxious Archers can be interrupted during their attack animation.
  • Ember Cores can now be sold to a vendor for 500 Gold each.
  • Reduced the movement speed of Darkspell, Spawn of the Well by 75%.
  • Increased the amount of gold that drops from chests.
  • Added skeletons to the Forsaken Hollow.
  • Made the completion of "Muster Your Metal" easier to accomplish.
  • Added Murky Cavern location to the "Find Yapper's Favorite Fork" task.
  • Adjusted various Hyvid Egg Pod spawn locations.
  • Added wood harvest nodes to Maggot Mire, Deforested Land, Hyvid Forest, and Hyvid Grounds
  • Reduced the number of spawners in Wood’s Edge.
  • Added monster spawners to the Psora, Klatz, and Szip boss fights.
  • Reduced the values of all secondary mana/endurance/steam dissipation regen affixes by 50%. Additionally, clarified the regen is per second in the description and no longer refers to all resources (energy, endurance, steam dissipation) as “mana.”


  • Fixed an issue where day / night transitions would always re-spawn the monsters in private areas which are not intended to have re-spawns.
  • Fixed an issue causing improper spawning in dungeons during the transition to night.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing Mapworks to spawn dungeons without monsters.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing players to become stuck in place when opening the area map.
  • Fixed an issue causing map icons to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the completion of "It Came From Outer Place" when the "Talk to Thane Snow" step had already been picked up.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing the completion of "Bad Medicine."
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing items in your Fort stash to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing players to become stuck when clicking on barrels or wheelbarrows.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing DPS and Armor values to incorrectly display as 99.9 on the inventory screen.
  • Fixed a visual issue with certain wall Fort props.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing a crash when a Skill expires during use.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing regen modifiers to scale up the damage players take from DoT type attacks, and scale up the resource costs of channeled skills.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Hyvid Guardian Champions from spawning for the "Crawling Pools Infestation" quest.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from breaking the siege weapons in Wideload's Lair or looting the Boss Chest after defeating Wideload.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from looting the Boss Chest after defeating Strongtusk.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some bosses from dropping Fame when defeated.
  • Fixed typos and incorrect icons for several Fort prop items.
  • Fixed an issue causing large numbers of Hyvid quests to remain in your quest log.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Hyvid Soldier Tergite from spawning during the "Hyvid Tunnels Infestation" quest.
  • Fixed an issue causing an empty update box to appear when reconnecting to the game after being disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue causing the names of Relics in the Reliquary crafting menu to be blank.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to become stuck when entering the Goblin Stash dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from receiving credit for completing certain quests in the Goblin Frontier.

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