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Livelock: Meet Tuque - Nicolas Garhilhe

By Jayson | Fri 01 Apr 2016 09:00:00 AM PDT

Hello World,


Hey guys, my name is Nicolas Garilhe, I'm a character artist and I started working with Tuque Games more than a year ago.

What are some of your biggest influences developing Livelock?

I really enjoy sci-fi universe, with robotics, so I've had a blast working on Livelock. I'm particularly fond of the Ghost in the Shell movies, and the Front Mission game series.

What are some of your favorite games from the last five years.

I'm a big fan of the games from Platinum, especially Bayonetta and Vanquish. I really admire their mastery at making dynamic and demanding gameplay.

How long have you been apart of the games industry and what did you work on before Livelock?

I have been working as a character artist for 6 years now. Before Tuque Games, I was freelance artist and helped on projects like Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Prodigy.


What can players see or engage with in Livelock that you are directly responsible for?

For Livelock, I had the chance to be involved with the making of some enemies from the game. I did the modeling of most of the robots for the Abbadon cluster. I also did the modeling, and helped on the design of one of the 3 playable characters.


Making a new title with a great studio, what has been the most exciting or terrifying moment?

That's one of the main reason why I want to work here at Tuque games; we are not only developing a game, we are also developing a game studio. It's really exciting and motivating to be able to say we were there from the beginning.

The Livelock process will continue on our ForumsFacebook and Twitter until its release later in 2016. Follow us for exclusive content including the latest news, developer chats, concept art, and more.

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