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Livelock: Hex's Background

By Jayson | Thu 04 Feb 2016 09:47:16 AM PST


Hello World,

Hex wasn’t always simply a world-class competitor’s mind uploaded into a towering mechanical frame in an effort to combat the highly territorial rogue clusters dominating Earth following a catastrophic gamma ray burst.

Hex rose from an online persona defined by bravado, to an embodiment of professional gaming both feared, respected and admired by the esports community by his early 20’s. After reaching the pinnacle of his career by winning a large international tournament, his body began to suffer the effects of a mysterious neurodegenerative disease. After losing feeling in his extremities, the disease only escalated, soon only leaving his mind intact.

When the opportunity to partake in the experimental mind-uploading procedure arose, Hex made the difficult decision to abandon the mortal coil, combating the progressive and incurable disease with potential immortality. He succeeded.

Hex was a fierce, innovative and relentless competitor in his former life and following the livelock process, he now has a giant mechanical frame to combat the corrupt human intellects overrunning the world. Do you have what it takes to help Hex break the cycle?

Stay online for a recap of our trip to PAX South and next week, we'll show off a few of the abilities players will be able to unleash when controlling Hex. Keep an eye on our official blog, Twitter and Facebook for more details about Livelock coming soon.

The Livelock process will continue on our ForumsFacebook and Twitter until its release later in 2016. Follow us for exclusive content including the latest news, developer chats, concept art, and more.


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