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Livelock: The First Intellect - Meet Hex

By Jayson
Tue 26 Jan 2016 12:00:00 PM PST

Hello World,

Ever the aggressor, Hex uses his combat prowess to eliminate opponents of any size or number. Before his mind was uploaded to the neural database, Hex was a renowned personality in the competitive gaming scene and a fierce competitor both in and out of game. His skills will be the greatest asset for fighting the various rogue Clusters. Vying for survival and dominance, the clusters employ different tactics to overwhelm Hex and the other Capital Intellects. Check out our first gameplay trailer to see Hex in action below:

While his arsenal is enormous, player skill and tactical assessment of each scenario will be the key to victory. Whether that means knowing which weapon-types suit each situation best, choosing the best time to revive a damaged teammate with Active Camouflage, or calling down a devastating Orbital Strike on the enemy, Hex is the combatant capable of turning any engagement in your party’s favor.

Over the coming week, we'll show off a few of the abilities players will be able to unleash when controlling Hex. Keep an eye on our official blog, Twitter and Facebook for more details about Livelock coming soon.

The Livelock process will continue on our ForumsFacebook and Twitter until its release later in 2016. Follow us for exclusive content including the latest news, developer chats, concept art, and more.


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