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Extra Life 2016 Live Stream - November 5

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Tue 01 Nov 2016 09:00:00 AM PDT

UPDATE 11/7: Thank you to everyone for watching the stream! We couldn't have done it without you. We currently raised over $12,000! We're accepting donations throughout the rest of the month and are working on getting the prizing sent out before the end of the year - it's less than two months!

Donations will be accepted until the end of the month on 11/30 at 11:59PM PT. Any donations past that date will not receive the rewards in the table below.

Perfect World Entertainment is proud to announce our support of Extra Life this year, a charity devoted to supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $22 million for these hospitals, and this year, we’ll be part of this growing community. This year, we’ll be supporting UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital located in San Francisco, CA.

We’ll be hosting a 13-hour live stream session at the Perfect World Twitch channel on November 5 from 9AM-10PM PT (Pacific Time) where the community team will be doing some major giveaways, answering questions, and hanging out with our community.

Watch live video from PerfectWorld_Community on

Take a look at our schedule below for our stream on Saturday, November 5, starting at 9AM PT (What time is this for you?):

PWI/Forsaken World: 9AM-12PM

Livelock: 12-2PM

Neverwinter: 2-5PM

Gigantic: 5-8PM

Star Trek Online: 8-10PM



We’ll be giving away over $1000 worth of items during the 13-hour live stream from our partners at NZXT, WizKids, and Logitech. All you need to do to win these prizes is to watch the stream and be alert for when they’ll be given out. In addition, we’ll also be giving away closed beta keys for Gigantic the entire time!








As this live stream is for charity, we’ll be accepting donations, which will all be given directly to Extra Life in support of children’s hospitals. There are six available donation tiers with a guaranteed reward for a few of our games. Each time you donate in one of these tiers, you’ll be rewarded with items from the game of your choice. Not only, that, but you’ll also get rewards from every tier below that one!

Donate Here

When you donate, please include your full name, Arc account name, Server (if applicable), Cryptic @handle (if applicable), and game/platform you’d like to receive prizing for in the “Message to Perfect World Community” field. If you don’t provide us with this information, we have no way of giving you the rewards, so please don’t forget.












All donators for all games in this tier will receive a free copy of Livelock





Neverwinter (PC)

Companion of the Scimitar Title

Watler Companion

Rainbow Starry Panther

Choice of Dragonborn Legend or Knight of the Feywild Pack

Hero of the North Pack

Hero of the North, Knight of the Feywild, Guardian of Neverwinter, Hunter Ranger Booster, Scourge Warlock Booster, Dragonborn Legend, Feywild Starter, Stronghold Promo Packs


Neverwinter (Xbox One)

Companion of the Scimitar Title

Miniature Giant Space Hamster

Rainbow Starry Panther

Choice of Dragonborn Legend or Knight of the Feywild Pack

Hero of the North Pack

Hero of the North, Knight of the Feywild, Guardian of Neverwinter, Hunter Ranger Booster, Scourge Warlock Booster, Dragonborn Legend, Feywild Starter, Stronghold Promo Packs


Neverwinter (PS4)

Miniature Giant Space Hamster

Choice of Boar or Howler Mount

Gelatinous Cube Mount

30-day VIP, both mounts in the $25 tier




Star Trek Online (PC)

EMH Boff

Extra Life Admiral Title, 5 Crafting packs

2 Ultimate Tech Upgrades

T6 Flagship Mega Bundle

Agents of Yesterday Expansion Pack

All three expansion packs, Pilot Mega Bundle, Command Mega Bundle, T6 Flagship Bundle



General of Generosity Title

Dragonet Pet, Twenty Event Gold

War Front Warrior Supply Ticket,

War Front Blessing Gift Box Ticket,

Good Luck Pack Ticket,

Supreme Luxury Pack Ticket,

Demon/Sage Event Card,

Tiger Head Pack Ticket,

Laced Reward Pack Ticket,

Full Reward Pack Ticket

Champion of Charity Title, Chimei Companion, War Front Supply Pack

Choice of 1 “Dark Lords of Morai” War Avatar A Card, Chromatic Contraption, Summer Nile Set and High Admiral’s Set

NPC named after your character for one year, Soulgem Pack Coupon, Dragon Orb Ocean, Dragon Orb Mirage, Dragon Orb Flame, Extra Life Extra Leet Title

You pick a Dungeon or City name in an upcoming expansion, NPC named after your character in perpetuity, Fully-leveled Awakening 2 character + Full Rank 9 Base + Full Cultivation + Crown of Madness + All Skill Books + fully maxed inventory + fully maxed bank, Deity of Archosaur Title

Forsaken World

Gift of Glory (Contains a Glory title and 5 Books of Faith Exalted).

Summit of Ice and Fire Gift Pack (Contains 15 Soul Diamonds, 2k Soul Leaves, Twilight III Gem).

Rose Wings

FW Royal Gift Pack (Contains a Special Title and a Lv80 Ring.) In addition, you will receive a Lv4 Ragefire Gem.

FW Reverent Gift Pack (Contains a Special Title, Lv80 Ring, Lv85 Elemental Weapon, and Magic Emperor Pet.) In addition you will receive a Lv5 Ragefire Gem.

Travina Pet Box, Fiona Pet Box, Hero 4 Gift Pack Set. (Contains a complete Unbound set of Rank 4 Hero Gear.) In addition, we will rename an NPC after your character.


*We expect to give out prizing before the end of the year.

*Please note that only those living in the continental United States are eligible to receive any physical prizes. If you win a physical prize and do not live in the continental United States, you’ll be provided with a choice of digital goods from the $50 column above.

Donation Goal Rewards

Neverwinter (PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) - If we reach a total donation goal of $12,500, we'll add in a 2x Enchants & Runes event for all platforms! If we reach our $25,000 goal, we'll add in a 2x Influence event!

Forsaken World - If we reach the donation goal of $25,000, we will activate max Soul Power, max EXP, and max Wargod bonuses for a week. In addition we will release a code for a Might of Ice and Fire Gift pack (50748). This pack contains 5x Level 3 Common Rune Packs, 5x Amethyst Soul Crystals, 10x Book of Faith Exalted, 500 Soul Leaves, and 3x Soul Diamonds.


We’re excited for November 5 and hope to see you there! Remember, it’s at the official Perfect World Twitch channel.

  • The Perfect World team

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