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The Design of Ramsay

By MO Evangelos
Fri 21 Jul 2017 09:00:00 AM PDT

Written By Designers: Henry Martinez & Carter McBee

The original design of Ramsay's kit was meant to push the notion of what an agile tank could be. Our goal from the beginning was to build a Hero who could stay in the fight for a long time through the use of skills and movement rather than raw stats such as health or armor. To that end, we’re happy to introduce Ramsay!

The first skill we prototyped was Rush: a skill with a low cooldown that allowed him to dodge in any direction (including forward) without consuming his stamina. With this base ability as our starting point, we began to experiment with other skills that would complement the kind of agile playstyle we were working to build. The next skill we settled on was his mid-range melee attack, Flurry. By this point, we already had a Hero who could dash around a fight and poke at his enemies from a pseudo-safe obviously we had to give him more tools to antagonize the other Heroes! That's when we introduced his poisonous Juju Fruit, added deflection upgrades to his Flurry attack, and gave him the ability to slow his enemies using his long-reach dodge attack.

As you can see, Ramsay uses a variety of tools to gain an advantage over his foes. He's quick on his feet and is the only Hero with an innate dodge skill (Rush). In a skirmish, he excels through spreading poison to nearby enemies, using Rush to avoid incoming damage, and chipping away at enemies with his melee strikes. Ramsay is a tough guy, but he's a smart tough guy. His personality is also brash and obnoxious, so we think his playstyle fits him perfectly.

We hope you have a great time wreaking havoc on the battlefield with him!


Ramsay’s biggest strength is his ability to stay agile while fighting. His Rush skill is essentially a free dodge, though it can also be used as an attack. With its low cooldown, this skill can be used both during the fight to avoid damage, and as an escape when things get too rough.

The poison from his JuJu Fruit skill is useful for taking down enemies who are being healed, so prioritizing any enemies who are in the process of healing is usually a good idea.

Keep in mind that when selecting upgrades, Ramsay’s third skill, Flurry, can be built for either offense or defense. The other Heroes you have on your team and even how the match is currently playing out can inform your choices as to which way to build your skill.

Ramsay’s Focus skill, Fruit Punch, is great for team fights; hitting more than one target really spreads the poison (and pain) to your enemies.


We won’t give away too much, but crowd control (slows or freezes, for instance) is probably the best way to counter Ramsay’s mobility, which is his greatest asset on the battlefield. Slowing him after he uses his dodge skill will drastically reduce his effectiveness, and will give you a brief opportunity to kill him before he can escape out of the fight.

Ranged Heroes should always try to keep Ramsay at bay: peel back and poke him down while you can. Once he gets within melee range, you’re playing Ramsay’s game, which is your cue to get out of there as fast as possible.

We hope you’ll enjoy our toxic fighter, and we look forward to seeing how you fit him into the full Hero roster!


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