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Gigantic Account Copy Instructions

By Amanda
Wed 21 Jun 2017 05:13:42 PM PDT


Greetings Gigantic Fans!

With Gigantic now available on Arc, we wanted to offer a chance for players to copy their Xbox One/Windows 10 accounts over to Arc, or vice versa.  The steps below should guide you on how to do just that.  Please remember that account copy is open for a limited window and can be done once per Microsoft/Arc account.



 Go here to start your account copy! 


1. What is account copy?

  • Account copy is a limited-time service for Gigantic that will allow you to do a one-time copy of your progress and purchases (see restrictions below) made on a Win10/Xbox account during the Game Preview to an Arc account, and vice versa.

2. When is this service available?

  • The account copy service will be available during the following periods:
    • June 21st, 2017 at 4:00 PM Pacific through July 9th, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific.
    • July 19th, 2017 at 4:00 PM Pacific through August 6th, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific.
  • There is no guarantee this service will be available again in the future, so please take advantage of this limited time opportunity.

3. What is copied?

  • Each of the following items will be copied:
    • Purchases: Heroes, Skins, Creatures, Boosts, and Founder’s Pack Content & Status (only from Win10/Xbox -> Arc)
    • Currencies: Crowns
    • Progression: Prestige (XP), Account Level, MMR (Matchmaking Rating), Badges, Fortune Cards (active hand, draws, and history)

4. What is not copied?

  • Your ruby balance is not copied. This includes any rubies purchased or earned in-game.
  • Platform-specific skins 
  • Also, when copying from Arc -> Win10/Xbox, Founder’s Pack Content & Status will not be copied.

5. Does the process overwrite all existing data on the account, or does it combine it?

  • A little of both. For heroes, skins, and creature purchases, the process will combine them on the destination account (so you will not lose any of these purchases made on the destination account prior to the Account Copy). However, for all other types of data (specified above), the process will overwrite all existing data on the destination account, so please make sure you have chosen the correct source and destination accounts as this process cannot be reversed. So, if you have any progress on your destination account, including active card draws, please keep in mind that these will be overwritten as well.

6. What happens to data on the source account after the copy?

  • The process will not affect any data on your source account, so you will not lose anything from the copy. However, if you continue to play on the source account after the account copy, this progress will be independent of the destination account, and vice versa.

7. How many times can I use the account copy service?

  • This service is limited to once per Microsoft/Arc account. Any attempts to perform an account copy using an account that was already involved in a previous copy will result in an error message.

8. What should I do if I notice something missing after the account copy?

  • First, look over the list of what will be copied and what will not be. If something included in the list wasn’t copied over properly, please contact Customer Support with a detailed description of what should have been copied over and our team will investigate. 


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