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Gigantic 401: The Creatures

By MO Evangelos
Sun 18 Jun 2017 04:01:00 AM PDT




CREATURES are your NPC allies on the battlefield, and provide everything from support for your team to an anchor into different areas of the battlefield. Creatures have three critical roles in Gigantic:

  • They provide active benefits for your team, like healing and minimap vision.
  • They quickly collect Power Orbs that spawn on the points where they’re summoned.
  • They prevent enemies from capturing Orbs on their own points until they’ve killed your creature.

Creatures not only help establish a front line for your team, but are also one of the most reliable sources of power for your guardian. They are a daunting foe when parked on a control point, and automatically capture the Orbs that spawn throughout the match – leaving you to focus on the enemy players.

Be careful, though: creatures are also worth a lot of power themselves, and timing your attack to both kill a creature and steal an Orb it's protecting can swing the power race by 30 points – nearly a third of what you need to trigger a rampage – while also denying the enemy their Orb. Protect your creatures, and work with your team to take out enemy creatures all around the map.











Heals Allies

  • Heals allies with Healing Beam, and creates Healing Blooms that can be picked up around its point

  • Slows nearby enemies with Entangling Roots

  • Small area of influence

Recommended For:

  • Teams who want a staging point from which to strike at enemies

  • Summon on forward positions where you can quickly retreat, heal, and then re-join the battle



Provides Vision & Awareness

  • Reveals enemies in its area of influence on the minimap

  • Howl attack dazes and deals high damage to nearby enemies

  • Medium area of influence

Recommended For:

  • Summon in areas where you want to see enemy movement: usually on your back lines or near secret passageways



Territory Control

  • Creates walls that block off passageways and prevent enemy movement

  • Shockwave attack that launches and weakens nearby foes

  • Small area of influence

Recommended For:

  • Summon near choke points to force enemies to reroute through less convenient areas



Area Damage

  • Launches siege attacks on enemies in its area of influence

  • Close-ranged breath attack that deals high damage to all enemies in front of them

  • Large area of influence

Recommended For:

  • Summon on back points to protect them from enemies

  • Summon on forward points to pressure the enemy with periodic siege attacks



Capture Point Denial

  • Can be summoned on ANY point, including enemy points

  • Does not provide Power when killed

  • Does not collect Power for allies

  • Beam attack locks on to nearby enemies

  • Small area of influence

Recommended For:

  • Summon on Neutral or Enemy points to prevent Power Orb capture

  • Summon so you can immediately upgrade it to an adult creature without using another young creature


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