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Gigantic 302: Powering Your Guardian

By MO Evangelos
Sun 18 Jun 2017 03:02:00 AM PDT




The enemy’s GUARDIAN is the only thing that stands between you and victory, though it’s no small matter to take one down. Learning how to power up your Guardian while defending them from your enemies is key to your success on the battlefield. An empowered Guardian can be a terrifying thing, which is why we’re going to prepare you for what happens when you win (and lose) the race to power up your Guardian!




The only way to win the match is to win the power race!

POWER is what gives a Guardian the strength they need to subdue the enemy Guardian and make them vulnerable to your attacks. This is the only opportunity you’ll have to hurt the enemy Guardian!

Power is built from player kills, creature kills, and Orbs you collect on the map.


  • Summoning creatures on Power Circles is the most reliable way to generate Power for your Guardian.
  • Defeat enemy players and creatures to give your team a Power advantage.
  • Power Orbs can be captured manually if no creature is present. Use this to your advantage by stealing Power Orbs from enemy circles or keeping them away from neutral points.

Read more about Power: The Power Race




When a Guardian reaches 100 power, they will RAMPAGE - traveling across the map, dealing damage to enemies along the way, and finally pinning down the opposing Guardian.

Gather your allies and follow your Guardian as it charges into enemy territory. This is your chance to attack the vulnerable WEAK POINT on the enemy Guardian!

The rampage takes about 20 seconds; use the time to position yourself for the attack. When the enemy Guardian is vulnerable, you'll only have about 20 seconds to deal damage, so be sure you're ready to strike!

If you deal enough damage, you'll WOUND the enemy guardian. Wound them three times to win the match!

While the enemy Guardian rampages across the map, the defending team has an opportunity to build SHIELD for their Guardian before it becomes vulnerable. Each action that built power previously – killing enemies and clearing enemy creatures – now builds an equal amount of shield to protect your Guardian from incoming damage.

Building as much shield as possible during the rampage is important, as it will not only mitigate the damage dealt by the enemy Guardian, but will absorb 85% of all incoming damage from the enemy team until it’s broken. The stronger your Guardian’s shield, the better chance you have to prevent your enemies from securing the Wound.

Power ties occur when both Guardians reach 100 Power at the same time. These ties are resolved by initiative - the last team to earn a kill before the tie takes place will be rewarded with initiative and the Rampage.




A pinned Guardian will only be vulnerable for a limited period. Recognizing the amount of time you have to attack or defend a Guardian is an important part of staying in the game.

  • Watch the vulnerability timer at the top of your screen to determine how much time you have to do damage!
  • If the attacking team kills a player or creature, they are granted more vulnerability time.
  • If the defending team kills a player or creature, their Guardian is granted more shield to defend against player attacks.


  • It's often a strong play to target and defeat defending players while also attacking the Wound. This not only reduces incoming damage to your team, but grants you more time to secure the Wound.



While the enemy Guardian is pinned, attack its weak point to deal damage!

  • When you're close enough to deal damage, you'll see a health bar appear above the Guardian's weak point. This lets you know you're in range!
  • Dealing damage to a Guardian's weak point is permanent and cannot be recovered.
  • Dealing enough damage to deplete the health bar will Wound the Guardian.
  • Score 3 Wounds to win the match.
  • Dying for a Wound is always an honorable death!


  • Defend your Guardian! Every kill builds a little shield, which helps mitigate incoming damage. Build as much as you can before your Guardian is vulnerable.
  • Once the enemy Guardian strikes, keep defending! Every kill builds shield that the enemies need to punch through to deal damage.
  • Protect your Power Circles! Particularly if the enemy Guardian will deal enough damage to automatically wound your Guardian, as your enemies may encroach on your creatures for an easy kill.
  • Dying to protect the Wound is always an honorable death!



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