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Gigantic 201: The Heroes

By MO Evangelos
Sun 18 Jun 2017 02:01:00 AM PDT




Gigantic has a wide range of Heroes, each with a diverse set of skills and upgrades to bring to the battlefield. While you and four others can mix and match to build a team that fits your play style, most balanced teams are generally built with four important roles in mind:

  • Front-Line Initiator
  • Ranged Damage-Dealer
  • Team Support
  • Assassin

There are a few good places to begin as you get started in Gigantic. Here are just a few of our favorite picks as you launch onto the battlefield. Click on a hero portrait to see if they fit your playstyle, or click the hero image to check out their full profile page!









Lord Knossos

Front-Line Initiator

  • Offensive Powerhouse

  • Charge into the fray! Lord Knossos is a fearsome force in melee, and his spears ensure that enemies can't escape.

Recommended For:

  • Players who enjoy brawlers, beat-em-ups, and high risk / high reward gameplay.



Ranged Damage-Dealer

  • Tactical Shooter

  • Who dares, wins! Beckett is armed to the teeth with machine pistols, grenades, and even a cannon - and her one-of-a-kind jetpack ensures she'll live to fight another day.

Recommended For:

  • Players who enjoy FPS games, hero shooters, and run-and-gun combat.



Ranged Damage-Dealer

  • Mobility and Trickery

  • Healing waters, poison arrows! Voden combines effective ranged attacks with the ability to heal nearby allies—and like any hunter, he's got some cunning tricks.

Recommended For:

  • Players who enjoy precision shooters, or who enjoy supporting their team or debuffing enemies from a distance.


Uncle Sven

Team Support

  • Chemistry and Chaos

  • Let's go crazy! Uncle Sven brings chemistry and chaos to every battle, burning enemies with fire and acid - and healing allies by hurling magic potions their way.

Recommended For:

  • Players who enjoy MMO's, platformers, and supporting teammates via status effects and healing.




  • Speed and Stealth

  • Gank them from behind! Tripp is a stealthy assassin who can carve up an enemy and then escape to safety before the rest of the team can react.

Recommended For:

  • Players who enjoy stealth, action-adventure games, and a hit-and-run playstyle.


Tyto the Swift


  • Reflexes and Finesse

  • Death from above! Tyto the Swift is a spinning cyclone of blades, fast ont he battlefield and deadly in melee. Tyto's companion pet, Fang, attacks your enemies with equal ferocity.

Recommended For:

  • Players who enjoy high mobility, movement skills, and a bursty playstyle.


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