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Update Notes: January 19th 2017

By MO Evangelos
Wed 18 Jan 2017 10:00:00 AM PST

We're extremely excited to unveil the Exile in the North update, which not only introduces a ton of changes to address player concerns and improve the overall game experience, but a NEW HERO and HERO MASTERY SKINS to unlock as you play and master each of Gigantic's heroes!

From a gameplay and balance standpoint, this update introduces a ton of big changes: a major correction to stun durations – which should also help bring Tripp into line – a rework of Vadasi's orb mechanics, some significant changes to Griselma, playability improvements for focus skills, buffs for the Shadow Cerberus and Obelisk creatures, and many other balance changes. We're also allowing players to try out any hero (and any skin) in the Practice Arena, requiring everyone to run through the Tutorial once before they join the live battlefield, and providing some in-game support for shorthanded teams.

While we're making changes, we've also tackled a few issues with the reward systems: improving the effectiveness of Crown Boosts and introducing Eternal Master skins for all the available heroes.

Moving forward, our plan is to continue releasing a brand new hero every six weeks, though we're also working on releasing more frequent updates as we continue to improve the game and address community concerns as quickly as possible. Watch for them in the weeks to come, and let us know what you think about all the changes now available in Gigantic!

See you on the airship!



You all knew this was coming; Gigantic's seventeenth hero is now available, and he's pretty darn cute. Pakko is a melee/tank hero who uses snowballs, icy ground, and frigid breath to protect himself and control the flow of battle.

You can try him out in the Practice Arena before unlocking him in the store! Founders unlock Pakko for free, and can play with him right away!


We've added a ton of new hero and weapon skins to the game for you to unlock! You can see some of them featured in our Exile in the North update blog, or can check them ALL out when you jump into the game!


You'll find some big updates to the Gigantic Practice Arena! When you enter the arena, you'll now be able to try out ANY hero in the roster, as well as any regularly-available skins and weapons available in the shop. This was always the intent with the Practice Arena: a space where you can try out different heroes, practice their skills, experiment with new builds, and prepare yourself for the live arena!


There are a lot of new players trying out Gigantic for the first time - many of whom aren't familiar with the important nuances that differentiate the game from other MOBA titles. We want everyone to understand the basics of the game, so we're now requiring everyone to play through the Tutorial once before they're able to queue for a Live match.


Several players expressed concern that the Crown Boosts available in the in-game shop were not a good value. We agree, so we've updated Crown Boosts to give 3.5 times the end-of-match crown rewards, making them a more powerful tool to unlock new heroes, weapons, creatures, and skins as you play.


"Since the time of the first Hierophant of Aurion, the people of the empire have worshipped the Eternals.
In turn, those heroes who live up to the virtues of the Eternals may find themselves rewarded in dramatic fashion."

We're introducing a brand new set of skins unlocked by progressing through the hero ranks! For each hero, reaching Hero Mastery Rank 5 will unlock a new Eternal Master skin in the store! Jump in to check them out!


As of this build, you will now find a new option in the settings menu to toggle focus priming on or off, depending on your preference.

  • When enabled, press your focus input (F/LS+RS) to prime your focus, then unleash it using your focus input (F/LS+RS) or primary attack (LMB/RT).
  • When disabled, press your focus input (F/LS+RS) once to immediately fire the skill after a short delay, or hold the input to aim the skill then release it to fire.


Playing from the start to the end of a match is the honorable thing to do - particularly when you're down a player - so we're now adding an Honor Bonus for those of you who stick it out even when the odds are stacked against you. If you lose a teammate during a match, we've added a new bonus to help you fight the odds:

  • If a player has disconnected from your match for more than 90 seconds, the short-handed team will receive a reduction to their team's respawn timers. This bonus increases if more players disconnect from the match.

In the future, we will give additional rewards to players who stick it out to the end of an imbalanced match:

  • At the end of the match, players on an outmanned team who complete their match will earn extra crowns and prestige.



You can find a full list of known issues with the beta build over on the official forum. We'll keep this list up-to-date with the biggest issues (and solutions) that are reported during the Open Beta:

We'll also be tracking the most impactful issues - as well as any workarounds or known solutions - on the official subreddit:




  • Fixed a bug where mashing your focus key (default: F) would result in the focus skill failing to fire.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented your hero's model from displaying while selecting a hero in the Practice Arena or Tutorial maps.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause weird, jittery behavior if scoping or un-scoping as Imani, fortifying or un-fortifying as HK-206, and switching weapons or using the jetpack as Beckett.
  • Fixed a bug where jumping or priming a focus at the end of a fast-moving skill would allow the hero to continue accelerating while airborne. Doing so will now slow the hero down.
  • Jump attacks (melee heroes) will now require you to press LMB/RT again to activate. Jumping while holding LMB/RT will now allow you to continue your combo rather than triggering a jump attack.
  • After priming, focus skills can now only be triggered by using your primary attack or focus skill again. Your RMB/LT, Q/LB, and E/RB skills will not do anything while priming your focus. Note that you can still cancel your focus by dodging.


  • Adjusted the aim-assist sensitivity when using a controller.


  •  The player with the highest account rank is now recognized on the hero confirmation screen, the match loading screen, and the post-game scoreboard. The indicator for the player on your team also includes the exact rank of the player!
  • The Fortune Card tile on the main menu now displays how many cards you have in your hand.
  • Added a new messaging area on the main menu! Watch for sales, updates, and ways to improve your Gigantic experience as soon as you login.
  • Updated the 'Player Profile' area on the main menu to show exactly how much account prestige you need to reach your next account rank.

We received several reports of instances where the guardian would appear to heal instead of taking damage when vulnerable, usually ending in a match where the guardian would appear to be wounded with several wounds still on the health bar. All of this was the result of a bug in the UI which we've worked to resolve. As always, we're very interested to hear if you run into similar issues in the future!

  • Fixed several issues which prevented Guardian power values from displaying properly on the UI.

When fighting against Griselma or Aisling, the health bars for their pets could clutter the screen and make it difficult to target the enemy you want to attack. With this in mind, we've decreased the size of pet health bars - not only to make the distinction between pets and heroes more evident at a glance, but to reduce the amount of space they take up on screen.

  • Decreased the size of pet health bars to approximately half the size of hero and creature health bars. This change affects Griselma's Portal Beasts and Sir Cador.
  • Voden's Green Man decoy still displays the normal-sized, hero health bar.


  • Changed the LEFT+UP ping option from "CAUTION - ENEMY MISSING" to "CAUTION - DO NOT SUMMON!"


  • Heroes are now louder if they are facing you and are quieter if they're facing away. This is primarily for movement and directional skills (projectiles and melee), while area of effect skills remain unchanged.
  • Implemented new loading screen audio to the game.




We've made a few playability improvements to melee hero jump attacks.

  • Jump attacks now require you to actively jump rather than simply requiring you to be in the air.
  • Jump attacks now work as long as you had stamina when you jumped, rather than requiring that you still have stamina when you perform the attack.


Fine-tuned a number of heroes to address circumstances where jumping allowed the heroes to travel much further than intended.

  • Jumping while using a skill that moves you quickly will now cap you at the maximum movement speed of the skill instead of allowing you to continue accelerating in the air. This affects the Margrave (Q/LB) and Tripp (Q/LB).
  • If a movement skill ends while you are in the air, you will now decelerate to the normal speed that you can travel while airborne.
  • Fixed a bug where sprinting and using the jump pad would allow a hero to fly across the map.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to use focus priming in conjunction with movement skills to fly across the map.


As we mentioned in the last update, the changes we made to separate focus skills into two stages - focusing and then unleashing - were a work in progress and still needed some refinement. In this update, we've made several improvements to the playability of the focus abilities.

  • The minimum delay between priming and unleashing your focus has been reduced from 0.35 seconds to 0.25 seconds. Skills with an inherent delay before firing off - such as Lord Knossos' Labyrinth skill - have had this delay reduced to account for the inherent 0.25 second delay when priming your focus.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in heroes not gaining hit-reaction immunity when priming their focus.
  • Added new "FOCUSED" text when you prime your focus.
  • Added new "FOCUS UNLEASHED" text when you trigger your focus attack.

We've also added a new option in the setting menu to toggle your focus priming on or off.

  • When enabled, press your focus input (F/LS+RS) to prime your focus, then fire it off using your focus input (F/LS+RS) or primary attack (LMB/RT).
  • When disabled, press your focus input (F/LS+RS) once to immediately fire the skill after a short delay, or hold the input to aim the skill then release it to fire.


  • Fixed a bug that caused stuns to last longer than intended on the following heroes: Beckett, Charnok, Griselma, HK-206, ImaniLord Knossos, Mozu, Tripp, Tyto the Swift, Uncle Sven, Voden, Xenobia




  • Fixed a bug where playing on an Xbox Live Silver account while using another account's Xbox Live Gold access would apply progression and purchases to the incorrect account.


  • Crown Boosts now award 3.5x the end-of-match rewards instead of double the rewards.
  • The minimum end-of-match crowns (based on the length of the match) has been increased from 40 crowns to 70 crowns.


  • Caretaker medal: It now takes longer to rank the Caretaker player medal to max rank. Note that some players' medal ranks may revert to a lower rank as a result of this change. In this case, you will not lose any rewards that were earned previously, and will continue to earn rewards as you progress through the new ranks of the Caretaker medal.


  • The Damage to Enemy Guardians stat is now more prominent on the end-of-match scoreboard.


  • Renamed Tyto's "Imperial Intrigue" skin to "Court Intrigue" to avoid confusion with the Imperial skins offered by the Founder's Pack.




We want the average Gigantic match to last about 15 minutes, with completely one-sided matches ending well under 10 minutes, and epic back-and-forth conflicts still staying under 30 minutes. With this in mind, we've made some adjustments to the Guardian damage and health.

  • Increased the amount of damage dealt by the attacking guardian from 1800-2800 to 2000-3000 damage. Note that the attacking guardian still deals 0 damage if the defending guardian has a full (100 power) shield.
  • Adjusted the amount of health per wound from 3600/6300/8100 to 4000/6000/8000 health.
  • Reduced the warning time before a guardian's big attack (area of effect) fields hit from second to 0.75 seconds.




  • Fixed cases where creatures would get stuck away from their summoning points and become unresponsive.


As a rule, summoned creatures have a protective shield when there are no enemies in their location. Unfortunately, a Bloomer who was actively healing an ally would remain shielded for several seconds after enemies entered its location. This could cause an unreasonable delay before you were able to attack the enemy Bloomer.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented bloomers from dropping their shields while healing allies with their beam.
  • Fixed a bug where Bloomer's health orbs would disappear after a period of time.


With a higher focus cost than the Cerberus Majoris, we'd like the Shadow Cerberus to not only feel different from a combat standpoint, but also offer some unique strategic benefits when selected. In keeping with its name, the Shadow Cerberus now provides concealment for your team, giving you and your allies the ultimate intelligence advantage: the ability to see your enemies without them seeing you.

  • The Shadow Cerberus will no longer continue to attack enemies that have left its combat area.
  • The Shadow Cerberus now makes nearby allies invisible for second.
  • Slotting a Shadow Cerberus now replaces the Young Cerberus with a shadow variant. The Young Shadow Cerberus will perform a teleport barrage attack similar to the adult Cerberus.
  • The Young Shadow Cerberus DOES NOT provide allies with stealth when healing in its healing field.


Obelisks represent subtle, advanced, strategic thinking, and we've been excited to see many players adopt the Ancient Obelisk as one of their slotted creatures. We've buffed them a little bit to not only improve their ability to stall, but to make decisive plays when they're used in a match.

  • Fixed several issues that would result in the Obelisk getting stuck in an unresponsive state.
  • Increased the health of the Young Obelisk from 2000 health to 3000 health.
  • Increased the health of the Ancient Obelisk from 4000 health to 6000 health.
  • Added a basic attack that can be used when no orb is present on the point. This attack will warm up for second before it fires at the target enemy. This attack can be avoided.



  • Updated the training videos in the Tutorial map.

  • You can now select any hero and any skin – even if you don't own them and even if they're not on your rotation – when you play in the Practice Arena.
  • An Adult Motiga now spawns at the back of the practice arena. This Motiga has the approximate health and deals damage similar to a player hero.


  • Adjusted the guardians' forward locations to prevent them from blocking players when pinned during a rampage.

  • Fixed several bugs where creatures would get stuck when trying to path back to their points.




  • Fixed a bug where Aisling and Griselma would not drop health orbs, contribute to guardian shield, or extend a guardian's vulnerability timer when killed.



  • Reduced Aisling's base health from 1600 to 1500 hp.


  • Fixed a bug where more than one Cador could be spawned at a time. Please let us know if you see this issue again.


  • Increased the cooldown of the skill from 12 seconds to 14 seconds.



  • Jet Powered upgrade: Fixed a bug where the damage increase would also apply to Beckett's Grenade (RMB/LT).
  • Jet Powered upgrade: Increased the damage bonus when using Beckett's jetpack from +10% to +15% extra damage.
  • Added a new animation for the Rocketpack upgrade.
  • Rocketpack upgrade: No longer applies a speed boost, but instead provides a forward boost if sprinting when the skill is triggered.
  • Rocketpack upgrade: You can now jump while boosting forward without immediately stopping in the air.



Recently, we've been looking at disruption abilities in the game to try to make sure that they're not too prevalent. Charnok had one upgrade that's been around for a while and provided him with frequent access to disruption. It may not have been overpowered, but it didn't fit with our new guidelines for how common disruption should be. With that in mind, we've removed that upgrade and replaced in with one that gives damage bonuses for direct hits.

To distinguish this new upgrade from its opposing upgrade (Bigger Ball of Fire), we've removed the bonus direct hit damage from Bigger Ball of Fire and emphasized the value of splash damage instead.

  • Bigger Ball of Fire upgrade: When fully charged, Fireball has a larger damage radius and deals increased explosion damage.
  • Bombastic upgrade: When fully charged, consecutive direct hits provide +4% base attack damage (max +12%). Lose this bonus if any LMB/RT attack misses.


Griselma is always tricky to balance. Part of her strength is her ability to deal serious damage to less mobile targets - especially summoned creatures - but we believe her damage potential has been too high of late. To rein this in, we've not only reduced her base damage, but changed her Portal Beast's behavior so that they only use their faster attack when attacking an enemy hero. This should give her a similar damage output against mobile targets while reducing her damage against stationary targets - though it will still be higher than most heroes.

In addition to this change, we're still trying to fine-tune the balance between the left and right upgrade paths for her Reach Out (LMB/RT) attack. In our ongoing efforts, we've slightly reduced the base damage of her Portal Beasts while increasing the damage bonus provided by the Empowering Touch upgrade.


  • Reduced base damage by about 20%.
  • Reduced base health by ~10%.


  • Reduced Griselma's LMB damage by 50%.
  • Touch of the Master upgrade: Hitting your pet regenerates its health (125 hp/s), increases their attack speed vs. heroes, and provides them increased awareness (360 degree rotation) for seconds.
  • Empowering Touch upgrade: Reduced the damage bonus to +20%.


  • Reduced the base damage of Griselma's Portal Beasts by 10%.
  • Increased the projectile speed and homing of Griselma's Portal Beasts when they're attacking Griselma's target, or when attacking with increased awareness due to the Touch of the Master upgrade.
  • Increased the base cooldown of the skill from seconds to 10 seconds.


  • Exit Strategy upgrade: Fixed a bug where the teleport would not work if activated while in the air.



  • Fixed a bug where Imani would stay stunned for 1 second longer than intended when hit with any stun.


  • Fixed a bug that provided crowd-control immunity for the full duration of the focus instead of the intended 0.5 seconds of immunity.



  • Improved the responsiveness when using this skill.
  • Reduced the amount of time it takes for the spears to expand to their maximum radius from 0.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds.



  • Fixed a rare bug where Mozu would gain the benefits of Run and Hit without taking the upgrade.



Tripp's Lightning Strikes (LMB/RT) left branch upgrades were seen as too situational at higher levels of play - with most Tripp players preferring to take the Unseen Strike branch. As such, we've provided her with a new set of upgrades to give her a more reliable way to build damage and movement speed.

  • Unseen Strike upgrade: Now only stuns when you hit an enemy in the back.
  • Power Surge upgrade: Each hit now grants +5% basic attack damage and movement speed, up to +25%, for seconds.
  • Overload upgrade: If Power Surge is maxed, hitting a foe extends the duration of the damage and speed boosts to 10 seconds.
  • Full Charge upgrade: Jump and dodge attacks give max Power Surge with a single hit.


  • Fixed a bug where Tripp could prime her focus rapidly if there was no valid target to attack.


  • Killer Instinct upgrade: Reduced the damage bonus from +15% to +10% damage.



  • Fixed a bug where Tyto would gain the benefits of a Level 3 focus with only one focus charge.
  • Fixed an issue where Tyto would occasionally pass through enemies without hitting them.

Tyto's focus was using the old non-conditional interrupt, though feels strong enough with the damage and mobility it provides. As such, we removed the interrupt from the skill.

  • Blur no longer interrupts.



  • Fixed a bug where the polymorph visual would not always show up reliably.


  • Igniter Fluid upgrade: Now requires a direct hit to inflict burning.
  • Igniter Fluid upgrade: Increased the burn damage from 35 dmg/s to 40 dmg/s.
  • Flame Out upgrade: Increased the damage of the attack from 80 to 115 damage.
  • Flame Out upgrade: Added damage falloff to the explosion.


  • Chemical Burn upgrade: Fixed a bug where taking this upgrade before taking the Flame Out upgrade would cause it to stop functioning.


  • Priming your skill will now display where Sven will hit with his flask.


Vadasi has been due for an overhaul for some time. We felt like the core concepts were there, but there has always been some awkwardness when playing her. We believe this stemmed from a few things:

  • The constant health drain of her orbs made it feel like you wanted to get rid of them immediately.
  • Her beam skills consuming orbs felt awkward.


  • Increased Vadasi's base health from 2150 to 2250 health.


  • No longer consumes orbs.
  • Increased the amount of healing without orbs from +50 hp/s to +75 hp/s.
  • Fixed a bug where Ray of Light would disconnect from an ally if they dodged.
  • Light of Judgment upgrade: Reduced damage dealt to nearby enemies by 25 damage per second.
  • Determination upgrade: Reduced front armor bonus from +25 to +15 armor.
  • Succour upgrade: Now adds +15% bonus healing per orb.


  • No longer consumes orbs.
  • Reduced the base damage dealt by her beam attack by ~20%.
  • The Flameseeker upgrade branch, on the other hand, still consumes orbs.
  • Flameseeker upgrade: Increased base damage from 100 to 125 damage.
  • Flameseeker upgrade: Reduced the fire rate of the skill.
  • Eternal Flame upgrade: Damage reduction with orbs reduced from -50% to -25%.
  • Meltdown upgrade: Reduced the duration of the cracked armor debuff from 2 seconds to 1 second.
  • Flameseeker upgrade: Fixed a bug where projectiles would spawn at the wrong location if used with orbs.
  • Chain Smiting upgrade: Fixed a bug where this upgrade was providing +60% damage without orbs and +25% damage with orbs, rather than +15% for both.


  • Increased the base cooldown of the skill from 6 to 10 seconds.
  • Keeping the Faith upgrade: When used while orbs are summoned, the cooldown is decreased from 8 to seconds.
  • Divine Protection upgrade: Reduced Vadasi's front armor bonus without orbs from +15 to +10, and with orbs from +30 to +20 armor.
  • A Foment of Prayer upgrade: Reduced the amount of healing per second from 100/150/250 per orb to 100/150/200.


Orbs no longer inflict damage over time. Instead, orbs now sacrifice a base amount of health upon creation.

  • Devotion skill: Hold [E/RB]: Create Spirit Orbs (Max 3). Orbs increase your healing and damage by 100% for 3 seconds per orb. Each orb costs health to create: 400 health for the first orb, 150 health for the second orb, and 100 health for the third orb. Note that Vadasi cannot drop below 1 health by summoning orbs.
  • Resolute Sacrifice upgrade: The skill now reduces the health sacrifice of the initial orb to 200 health.
  • Holy Wrath upgrade: Decreased the duration of the upgrade from seconds to seconds.
  • Holy Wrath upgrade: Increased the crit chance from +15% to +100%.
  • Sanctuary upgrade: Decreased the bonus armor duration from seconds to seconds.
  • Complete Devotion upgrade: Summoning 3 orbs gives +15% more healing and damage for 4 seconds.
  • Divine Renewal upgrade: Summoning 3 orbs reduces the cooldown of Divine Wind by seconds.



We've implemented two buffs to the right branch of Voden's Arrowed skill to make it more viable when compared to the Deadeye branch.

  • Spread The Pain upgrade: Increased the damage of the center arrow from 110 to 165; this is about the same damage of a base uncharged shot.
  • Spread The Pain upgrade: Adjusted the damage of the outer arrows (the second and third arrows from the center) from 55 and 27.5 damage (respectively) to 35 damage.


  • Updated the focus priming on Voden's focus skill to show you the area where the focus will hit.



There were a couple issues with the right branch upgrades on the Tonguelash skill:

  • On one hand, they didn't work if your enemy was still in the process of being pulled.
  • On the other hand, they put Wu's CC capabilities over the top when they did work.

These brand new upgrades will work more reliably without giving him even more crowd control abilities.

  • Whet Your Appetite upgrade: On hit, Splash Kick (RMB/LT) and Crashing Waves (Q/LB) recharge. This adds a +5 second cooldown to Tonguelash.
  • Lick and Load upgrade: On a successful hit, your next hit from any skill used within 2 seconds deals +100 damage.
  • Chain Armor upgrade: On a successful hit, your next hit from any skill used within seconds grants +25 armor for 3 seconds.



  • Screaming Halt upgrade: Fixed a bug where the skill would cripple your enemy regardless of whether they were suffering from a debuff.
  • Screaming Halt upgrade: Fixed a bug where the Insult and Injury skill specialization would negate the increased duration of the cripple applied by the skill.


  • Added a 0.25 second warning before hitting enemies.
  • Removed the 1 second delay before the effects would kick in after hitting an enemy with the skill.


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