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Arc News

Bonus Zen, and 25% off in the Zen Store!

By Ambassador Kael
Wed 29 Dec 2021 09:39:12 AM PST

Q's mysterious Winter Wonderland has one more gift to give. Standing at eight feet tall, and wearing all red and white, Santa Gorn strides out of the frozen wasteland. He doesn't care if you've been naughty or nice, and he certainly doesn't see you when you're sleeping. All he wants is to give you five incredible sales over the next ten days in Star Trek Online, on all platforms. Behold his merry, merry power.

For the next ten days, Star Trek Online is doing a variety of sales to celebrate the end of the year! We'll announce each sale on the day is starts, but throughout the entire sale period, from December 22nd at 8am to January 3rd at 10am, you will get a 20% bonus when you charge for Zen, on PC, and save 20% on bundles of Zen on Xbox! You can charge for Zen on PC by clicking the button below, and find the Zen bundles in your native console store.

The final sale is here, and it's 25% off everything in the Zen Store, on all platforms! Get your hands on ships, uniforms, services and more!



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