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    Ether Saga Odyssey is proud to announce its latest update: the Demonology Expansion! Here’s a sneak peak at what will be coming soon:

    New Level Cap!
    Level cap is being raised from LV135 to LV150.
    All advanced classes now have access to an ultimate skill at LV136+ in the Skill >Advanced ... Read More
    September 19, 2014

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    As the seasons change, so do the items in the Heaven’s Repository! The latest seasonal mystery box, Autumn Harvest, is now on sale! Try your luck at its various prizes – but be warned, just like the seasons, this bounty will only stick around for a limited time!
    New item! Autumn Harvest
    Prizes... Read More
    September 16, 2014

    eso-news |  weekly-sale |  eso |  ether saga odyssey

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    A new mystery box has appeared in the Heaven Repository! The Beast Exorcism Box is really a prize for your pets though – it’s chock full of Pet Skills, along with other prizes. Try opening one today and see what you get!
    New item! Beast Exorcism Box
    Prizes include: Thunder Order, Etherlaced... Read More
    September 2, 2014

    eso-news |  weekly-sale |  eso |  ether saga odyssey

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    Mythical creatures have come to bless these upcoming sales – specifically, the Phoenix and the Dragon! Check out what discounted items they’ve selected in the Heaven Repository.
    Week of 6/25/14-7/2/14:
    The Phoenix has come to roost, bringing along her favorite items!
    Phoenix Feather and Gree... Read More
    June 30, 2014

    eso-news |  weekly-sale |  eso |  ether saga odyssey |  en-market

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    Summer is finally here, and with that a new lotto has been added to the Heaven Repository! Try your luck at various rare and exciting prizes.
    New lotto! Summer Solstice
    Prizes include: ★Stone of Peace, Ancient D.S. Pet Pendant, Red Banded Yarn, Silver Ingot, △Orb of the Sages, Cryst. Glyph·... Read More
    June 20, 2014

    eso-news |  weekly-sale |  eso |  ether saga odyssey |  en-market

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    A new item has joined the Heaven’s Repository! The ◇Book of Redemption reduces your Infamy by 100 points - an upgraded version of the △Book of Redemption (50 points), at a lower price point per Infamy!
    New item! ◇Book of Redemption
    That’s not all! Check out what’s also on sale in the upcoming ... Read More
    May 22, 2014

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