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Arc News
Celebrate the Harmony Festival with Free Pies and Free Stuff!
March 23, 2016

Spring has sprung and a new season has begun! Some of you may still be looking for a sign of spring or you may be experiencing a little too much sun. Either way, you can safely go back to your computer before you strain your eyes. Phew! Now, here at Elsword there’s none of that dangerous spring sun burning your eyes. You can enjoy spring and all its activities at the comforts of your own home. We also have something Angelic at the Item Mall!

Harmony Festival

Celebrate the joy of a peaceful co-existence with your friends, your guild, and everyone else in Elrios. We have some activities that we know will pique your interests.

  • Celebrate the Harmony Festival by wearing the traditional festival garb of Elrios. Receive the full Harmony Festival 30 Days Costume when you log-in during the event!
  • We’re also giving away Harmony Festival Accessories every week for three weeks!
  • Who doesn’t like pie? Everybody loves pie! That’s why all alchemists in the game will be giving away Harmony Festival Pies during the event. By giving away, I meant they cost 0ED so start hoarding all the pies!
  • Logging in for at least 10 minutes guarantees a Harmony Festival Ticket which you can use to exchange for items through Ariel. Stay logged-in for an hour and you get more tickets and Harmony Festival Gift Boxes. Doing festival related quests will also give you Harmony Festival Tickets.
  • The Harmony Festival also guarantees Doubled Content Rewards from Secret Dungeons, Henir’s Time and Space, Gate of Darkness, and all their relevant quests.




Listen ‘o ye creature of the mortal coil, the angels bestowed upon the earth their most prized treasures: Seraphim – Holy Angel Accessories. Art thou fair mortal worthy to equip the treasures of heaven?

Mar 23rd, 2016

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