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Arc News
A new quest for the Temple of the Old Gods!
July 22, 2015

The Second Cataclysm, which had greatly changed the world of Praia, opened many unexplored territories, talents and treasures. Travelling became easier and faster, yet also more dangerous because of the multitude of monsters. This however did not deter the many adventurers and explorers looking for lost treasures, nor the acolytes of the Old Gods who want to seek out and restore the old temples.

Naturally, searching for the temple cannot take place without Adrea. With her prime-fueled artefact, she explored new territories, looking for new ways to reach the temple. During the search, explorers have often stumbled upon strange things, resembling pockets and strips of thick Fog, lit up by evening sun.

Seeking out ways to access the temple led Adrea to believe that with time the Prime concentration around places of power draws monsters and makes them stronger and more aggressive. Now that she has found a way through the Fog, she has – unfortunately – proven herself right. Hordes of mindless monsters, driven into insane rage by the Prime boiling in their veins, trying to destroy the intruder. Adrea’s Fire Spark can hold them off, but not for long.

Lords and Ladies! Help Adrea withstand the onslaught and break through to the temple!

What to do?

Log in to Prime World every day, fight battles in Borderlands and help your team! All players have 6 days to gather a total of 25,000,000 assists and kill 100,000 Monsters. Daily quests appearing on your castle will help you fight towards the common goal!


The quests will appear right after completion of the previous ones and their difficulty will vary. A total of 25 quests await you. Completion of the 20th quest will be rewarded with white runes and prime crystals. Completing quests 21-25 earns you 3 random orange talents from the Talent Masters set, as well as the following talents: Craftiness; Deadly Fury.

If we manage to gather a total of 25,000,000 assists and 100,000 killed monsters, we head to the Temple of the Old Gods! During the march to the temple, each hero will receive 4 times more experience in battle, Golden Age will bring not 2 times, but 4 times the resources in the castle! And when we reach the castle, truly great rewards await you!

Even if you do not complete a quest from the chain, your contribution will be counted. We will post updates on how many assists have been made and how many more assists and monster kills are needed.

At the same time, Adrea is willing to reward the best Lords of Borderlands! The top 3 players who kill the most heroes in Borderlands from 15:00 UTC on July 21 until 09:00 UTC on July 27 will receive additional rewards. Players who make the most assists during that time will also be rewarded. Each of them will receive 5 days of Golden Age and 50 prime crystals!

All quests start at 15:30 UTC on July 21. The quests will end at 09:00 UTC on July 27.

Onwards, for Prime and victory! Adrea put her hopes in our hands!

Jul 22nd, 2015

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