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Europe 3 Now Live

Players from more than 100 different countries have signed up to build their first castle and expand their online kingdom. Stronghold lords and ladies tend to hail from the US, UK and Western Europe, with the series’ fan base in Germany ensuring a steady stream of players. The series’ expansion into MMO territory has also helped Firefly expand its audience with nine supported languages, dedicated game worlds for Turkish and Brazilian players and even the odd player commanding their online forces from the Vatican City!

Despite the game’s lengthy development history, which stretches all the way back to prototyping and closed alphas in 2009, Firefly Studios is still hard at work on new features and expansions. March saw the release of Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise of The Wolf, an update that introduced new PvE gameplay, improved AI and classic Stronghold characters for players to do battle with. With regards to future plans, existing players can expect the game’s scale to continue to expand while there are also a few surprises planned for those new to Kingdoms. Firefly has now opened a brand new ‘Europe 3’ game world to accommodate their hundreds of thousands of active players who log in every month. Accurately recreated from the real world map of Europe, this new world is a direct response to requests from the community for more game worlds on a grander scale than those based on single countries.

May 26th, 2015

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