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Xbox One Class Spotlight: Trickster Rogue
March 16, 2015

Role: DPS and Deception

From Waterdeep to the Spine of the World, the Trickster Rogue is a staple of every adventuring party in the Forgotten Realms. With the flash of a smile and a hidden dagger, the Trickster Rogue gets the job done with finesse and mobility. Rogues disappear from plain sight only to reappear close enough to whisper sweet nothing in your ear - you’d hear it if that dagger wasn’t prying into your body.

Focusing on Critical Hits and taking advantage of the enemy’s flustered state, the Trickster Rogue is a master of deception, teleporting behind enemies, dazing them and relying on a multitude of debuffs and quick strikes. They rack up damage as fast as they throw a dagger and disappear into the shadows just as fast.

As a rogue, you must be wary, for with all the deception comes a lean body incapable of taking too much damage.

Class Mechanic: Stealth

So how does the Trickster Rogue go about disappearing into the shadows? Stealth. By the press of a button, the Rogue can go into Stealth mode, vanishing from enemy sight. In Stealth, you have combat advantage against targets that are unaware of your presence while your Encounter Powers gain additional deadly effects. Using an Encounter Power while in Stealth will immediately reveal your presence and deplete any remaining Stealth gauge, so keeping an eye on your gauge is vital to keeping up with the deception.

In Battle:

With so many tools at your disposal, knowing which ones to use in which situation will enhance your skills in battle. Deft Strike teleports you behind your enemy, delivering a painful stab and slowing your enemy for several seconds. Bait and Switch has you rolling backwards to dodge and leaving behind a decoy, which enemies will attack instead of you. In Vengeance Pursuit, you throw a dagger to mark a target, which lowers their damage output. Using it again while they’re marked for Vengeance will teleport you to their side as you perform a slashing attack.

Try your hand at all the intricacies that make the Trickster Rogue!

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Mar 16th, 2015

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