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Arc News
Autumn Harvest

As the seasons change, so do the items in the Heaven’s Repository! The latest seasonal mystery box, Autumn Harvest, is now on sale! Try your luck at its various prizes – but be warned, just like the seasons, this bounty will only stick around for a limited time!

New item! Autumn Harvest

Prizes include: Darkmoon Barge, Perfect Seal Ball, Enveloped Transform Card, Double EXP, A Pet’s Esteem Vol.3, Refined Jade of Fog, Ancestral Crystal, Hoppsy, Floppsy, Scapemonkey.

Check out the other sales that are currently running throughout the month of September:

Week of 9/3/14 – 9/10/14:

Half off: Stone of Peace, Ancestral Crystal

Week of 9/10/14 – 9/17/14:

Half off: Etherlaced Crystal, Spirit Infusion Lock, Awaken Jade, Dragon Marrow

Week of 9/17/14 – 9/24/14:

Half off: Crystal Incantation, Pearl Incantation, Gem Incantation, Jewel Incantation

On sale: Genie’s Eye

Half off: Glyph Seal (·Ⅷ), Glyph Seal (·Ⅵ)

The change in seasons will also bring bigger surprises in the future... Stay tuned!

Sep 16th, 2014

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