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Module 4 Dev Blog: Artifact Equipment
Tyranny of Dragons Artifact Equipment

Artifact Equipment Dev Blog Written by Ken ‘Graalx3’ Burd, Senior Systems Designer

Due to an overwhelming positive response to the addition of Artifacts in Neverwinter we have decided to expand the base mechanics to include main-hand weapons and belts with Tyranny of Dragons expanion.  This new equipment will initially include 6 different belts and 21 new weapons, 3 for each class.  These new artifacts will start with stats roughly equivalent to Fury of the Feywild top end items and will grow in power from there.


These artifacts will use the familiar Item Refinement interface; however the primary difference being that other equipment is used to refine these artifacts rather than enchantments. Basically anything that can be equipped in the 12 slots on your character sheet can be used to empower these artifact. There are a few important restrictions: The item must have a minimum required level of 60 and also it must be identified.  

Items equippable in the main hand slot will give double RP for artifact weapons. Items equippable in the waist slot will give double RP for artifact belts. These artifacts will also accept the various refining stones that are used for enchantments and artifacts. Artifact equipment is its own category for purposes of bonuses to Refinement points (RP). There will be a new type of refining stone that will give x5 RP for artifact equipment.

Tyranny of Dragons Refinement System

While the total refinement points required to reach Legendary quality will be somewhat higher than regular artifacts, there are many more level 60 items dropping than the enchantments used to empower regular artifact.

Base Refinement Points for equipment:


Base RP







Epic Tier 1


Epic Tier 2



Artifact Belts

Artifact belts are a return to an old-time Dungeons & Dragons trope, the base attribute increasing item. The Girdle of Giant Strength was the ultimate fighter loot! Each artifact belt will give a bonus to a base attribute, Strength, Wisdom, Dexterity etc. There is an artifact belt for each of the base attributes. The bonus given starts at +1 and will go up +1 for every quality level, maxing out at +4 at Legendary quality. Artifact belts will not be able to be equipped by Companions.

Tyranny of Dragons Artifact Belts

Artifact Weapons

Artifact weapons can have the highest base damage numbers in the game as well as very high statistics.  Hunter Rangers don’t need to worry about losing out in melee combat as the artifact bows include a bonus to melee damage.  In addition to its damage rating and stats, each of the artifact weapons will give an increase of some kind to one of the at-wills of that class. The three weapons for each class correspond to the three at-will powers that are not part of a paragon path.

Tyranny of Dragons Weapon Artifacts

The Future

The future of artifact equipment is really in your hands. If these items are well received then we will most likely expand artifact equipment to other equipment slots or extend the skills that artifact weapons can increase.  Orb of Ice Knife anyone? Be sure to provide us with as much feedback as possible on the Official Neverwinter Forums

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Aug 19th, 2014

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