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Arc News
Mount and Insignia Bonus Updates

Greetings Adventurers!

Those of you checking out the upcoming module on Preview may have noticed some changes to insignia bonuses and mount slots – we wanted to take a moment to cover some of the highlights:

4-slot Mounts

Over time, we will be introducing new 4-slot mounts in the game, including ones that can be obtained via event participation. 3-slot mounts will remain in the game and continue to be viable – old mounts will not be converted to 4-slot mounts.

Preferred Slots

4-slot mounts will have a universal slot that gives a bonus if you match the preferred type. This means that you can treat it as either a universal slot or use a preferred insignia to obtain an extra 20% bonus to its item level. Preferred slots will only be available in 4-slot mounts.

New 4 Insignia Bonuses

Several new Insignia Bonuses utilizing 4 Insignias are being introduced with the new module. The ones currently visible on Preview are subject to change as the bonuses are still being actively worked on.

Development on these features is ongoing and we look forward to feedback once all updates are available and players have had a chance to check out the changes!


*A faint rustling of feathers accompanied by a honking sound can be heard in the distance*

For the official feedback thread on this topic, please visit the forums.

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