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Developer Blog: Lolthian Lockbox!

The goddess Lolth commands devotion from her Loyalists, but equally driven are the rising number of Blaspheme. Amongst the brewing civil war, a new lockbox emerges. The Lolthian Lockbox arrives on March 28!

NOTE: The Lockbox of Lost Knowledge will disappear on March 28, 2023.

The Lolthian Lockbox will require an Enchanted Key to open and will use the updated reward structure introduced with the Dragon Cult Lockbox.

One of the prizes within the lockbox is the Menzoberranzan Choice Pack, which grants your choice of the account reclaimable mythic Ebon Riding Lizard mount and the account reclaimable mythic companion, Blaspheme Assassin.

Ebon Riding Lizard – This surefooted lizard from the Underdark is the preferred mount of the Drow. Its loyalty and ability to navigate difficult terrain in absolute silence make it a prized companion of nobles and soldiers alike.

Blaspheme Assassin – Though initially outnumbered, the drow Blaspheme have sought out powerful allies, such as yourself, with whom they can exercise their considerable skills. This assassin is especially adept at helping a solitary opponent shuffle off its mortal coil.

The Lolthian Lockbox also includes a chance at rewards such as mythic bags, upgrade tokens, legendary account mounts, and more!


Mar 20th, 2023

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