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Arc News
Early Access Hotfix - 2022/07/20
July 20, 2022
  •  Difficulty quest (Crisis) (damages in Shop /Control Room) 
  •  Weapons bought from shop and Jocelyn's contract are added at the Workerguide when player gets it for the first time
  •  W5 projectiles explosions missing sfx
  •  NPC Hara-Kola and Bubbaboom missing sfx
  •  Spell EyeSeeYou, Frostbreeze, & Wishtorm missing sfx
  •  Relaxation Area missing music
  •  Waldo's "mill" attack does not damage the player every time
  •  Manaboost quest for Joe does not work
  •  Contracts that involve the player being hit by a boss not being triggered by boss projectiles
  •  Mark in the shop doesn't speak after a run when player got the curse "Shop Closed"
  •  Spanish/Portuguese wrong translation
  •  Contract ""Get 50 soulary weapon instantly and Defeat First Thanager without getting hit ” does not count as accomplished when killing the Janitor without taking damage
  •  Joe’s: Quest to unlock discount pricing or “Focus” does not work
  •  Damages of Contract "Give uncommon weapon instantly and Defeat First Thanager in under 5 minutes”  are applied even if the player completes the contract
  •  Level of the weapons is not displayed in the weapon selection menu
  •  "Price Next Shop" Penalty is revoked after a purchase only for one item in the Shop
  •  EyeSeeYou spell doesn't work correctly


Jul 20th, 2022

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