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Arc News
Early Access Hotfix - 2022/05/19
May 19, 2022

Thank you for playing our Infrastructure Development update for Have a Nice Death! Here’s a list of bug fixes and improvements from the hotfix today:


  • Added better feedback (VFX, animation, and sound) when using the Anima Fountain (water cooler), Distribig® 462 (vending machine), and Sinistro® Koffee Machine (espresso machine in Relaxation Area)
  • Adjusted the colors in Jocelyn’s Contracts menu
  • Rebalanced floor choices for consistency
  • Misc improvements on VFX

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for sound and VFX on several spells that were missing
  • Fix for getting stuck in some walls
  • Fix for getting stuck in World 3 arenas when an Ulcermonner summoned an enemy out of the arena
  • Fix for Bosses not dropping their rewards
  • Fix for Leon Clean sliding at the beginning of the fight (the floor was very wet)
  • Fix for no progression for weapons/spells in Joe's menu
  • Fix for VFX displayed in a bad position when entering the elevator menu
  • Fix for inconsistency in currency display format
  • Fix for dialogs bubble timing (much longer)
  • Fix for Soul Razor (spell) not doing damage
  • Fix for Shockwave (spell) not working in the air under certain conditions
  • Fix for the Shop item Concealed Carry replacing the weapon in the second slot without giving the player a choice and preventing getting the previous weapon back
  • Fix for some of Jocelyn’s Contracts being unfinishable finished
  • Fix for taking a Jocelyn’s Contract then canceling it rerolled the Contracts proposed after the first one, for free


May 19th, 2022

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