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Infrastructure Development - Update Notes
May 10, 2022

Hello recruits, 

The first major content update for Have a Nice Death is finally here!
This includes an exciting new rewards system that unlocks bonuses for the most skilled players, full access to Modern War Department (World 5), added spells, Thanagers (mini-bosses) to destroy, plus a host of improvements fixing issues that our players have reported in the first month of development.

Have a Nice Death is in Early Access which means we’ve got our team working our fingers to the bone on our plans and your feedback. We expect to keep adding new content for the game, which we will be releasing in regular updates throughout the next months. 
Here is our latest update notes!


Here’s the list of important info/bugs you need to know for this update:

Known Issues

  • Some contracts don't fully work. For example: Contract "Now 1 Prismium - Defeat 1st boss in under 5min - Lose 50 soularies" does not make the player lose Soulary. This will be resolved in the next hotfix.

  • Most of the issues about arenas are fixed, however there is one arena where the player can be locked in (something about an enemy summoned out of the arena by an Ulcermonner). We've added a security measure to allow progress to continue (after 15sec, doors open + reward is spawned).

  • Some spells have minor issues (Bulimia Burst does not apply the passive at rank 2 and 3). These will be resolved in the next hotfix.

  • The koffee asset does not appear in the VIP room, nor does the VFX/SFX when taking the koffee (but the effect is applied). VFX/SFX issue will be resolved in the next hotfix.

  • Vitaam/Mana and Anima do not spawn after killing a Sorrow/Thanager. This will be resolved in the next hotfix.


  • We keep adding new texts (gameplay, UI, Dialogs), but it could take some time to translate everything in all 10 languages of the game. Localization will be regularly updated in hotfixes.


  • We are aware that crashes occurred on specific integrated graphics cards and our devs are working to find a proper fix.
  • The problem seems to be an issue with Intel's GPU drivers and DirectX11. Please, before playing, check if your drivers are up to date. And if you still have the issue, we added compatibility with DirectX12 which seems to fix the problem on some GPUs. This option can be activated by adding the following command in the "Game Launch Options" of the game on Steam: -force-d3dx12

User report interface:

  • You can now directly share your bugs to our team in-game.


  • We want to give a special shout-out to the dedicated and incredible members of our community that help our team by reporting bugs, giving feedback, and providing interesting ideas.
  • Note: enlightened indicates a change inspired by community feedback.


World 1

  • New environment:
    • Explore the Death, Inc. garden
  • New Thanager:
    • Léon Clean - Janitorial Thanager: Léon is the custodial engineer responsible for keeping the Hall of Eternity spotless. Watch out for his deadly vacuum which projects deadly trash. 

World 2

  • 2 new Thanagers: 
    • X4-H - Uncontrollable Production Management Mutagen: X4-H is a dangerous mutagen with uncontrollable saliva who has taken over the Industrial Pollution Department.
    • Richard J. Barron - Actuary Thanager, Climate-Skepticism Tycoon: In a former life, Richard was a crooked oil tycoon who profited from fossil fuel. 

World 5

  • Full Access to Department of Modern Warfare:
    • Extended level design and floors: Discover The Modern Warfare Department, a veritable battlefield of Death Inc. intramuros. It is a cut-throat world that brings together all mortals deployed from the First World War to present day, in terms of tactics and military technology. In other words, it goes BOOM and BANG in all directions, as terror rains down for Major Warren Pliskhan, the scourge responsible for this chaos. 
  • 3 new enemies:
    • Roaster: Keep your distance from this fire-breathing pyro, otherwise he will release his fists of fury or engulf you in a wall of flames.
    • Bombaron: Look up to the sky. It’s not a bird, but it is a plane - ready to blow you up.  Watch out for aerial attacks from Bombaron, who can bombard you with explosives from her nimble warplane.
    • Caderact: Beware this wandering cadet. He may seem a bit short-sighted, but he’s armed with homing missiles that are locked onto Death.
      • enlightened ”Caderact” was a name proposed by the Discord community! Thank you!
  • New Thanager:
    • Camille Flage - A living weapon: She may appear somewhat slow, but she is a fury unleashed and will ambush you with her cat-like vertical attacks. This starved siren also provides the Major and his troops with camouflage, giving them the advantage over their enemies.


  • 5 new spells:
    • Firescreamer
    • Soul Razor
    • Focus
    • Bulimia Burst
    • X4-Cyst


Jocelyn’s Contracts - A lobby challenge:

  • Meet Jocelyn, Death Incorporated’s elevator, who offers a series of exciting challenges in between runs. Each challenge unlocks an instant bonus, such as a new weapon or spell. However, some challenges have a set requirement -- failure to complete this task will lead to a major consequence, like less health, less mana and much more. 

Breakroom Upgrades:

  • Two new gameplay elements
    • enlightened Visit the new water cooler in the breakroom, where you can trade Soulary in for Anima to restore health.
    • There's also a new vending machine where you can randomly score a new item or take damage if the machine is broken.

New Floor:

  • The Relaxation Area
    • If you need a break, you can visit the new lounge area where you can pick up a healing cup of Koffee for free and rest up.

Thanager & Sorrow generosity:

  • When defeating a Thanager, player will now gain an anima and when they defeat a Sorrow, they will gain an upgrade.

Some Thanagers received additional training and have learned new attacks.

  • Will Hung has 3 new attacks: two on the side of the screen with different patterns; and one in the center that takes up the full screen.
  • Slyma has 1 new attack: projectiles can now be placed at the bottom of the arena.
  • Candice has 2 new attacks: one where she teleports to the middle and attacks left or right; and one where she teleports on the player, pretends to hit them, and then teleports above.

Anima Mix:

  • enlightened If the player has 3 regular anima and obtains another one, the next anima obtained will be fused and gives the player an upgraded Yellow anima.

Added +150 lines of dialog (NPC and Boss fight)



  • enlightened Sickles have been buffed, they are now way faster. 

enlightened Dialog bubbles last longer and players can skip them.

Cloud save conflict:

  • Add windows to resolve conflict between local and cloud save.

enlightened New worker guide entries for pick-up items .

New worker guide entries for new enemies, spells, NPC, and mini bosses.

Add User report interface

  • Can report bug or improvement directly from the game interface (main menu & pause menu).


  • Status effect system improvements : should fix a lot of bugs related to status effects (burn, bleed, poison, critical hit, …)
  • [FIXED] Sometimes the player is stuck in the curses selection menu.
  • [FIXED] The anima indicator displays wrong information about the current anima available.
  • [FIXED] NPC can appears two times in the same restroom 
  • [FIXED] Various issues with arena colliders in mini boss arena.
  • [FIXED] Misc UI issues in specific languages.


As you can add your feedback/bugs on the Steam forum of the game, you can also join the official Have a Nice Death Discord server. You will meet a bunch of nice people who can help you with the game and who are more than ready to discuss ideas and critiques about Have a Nice Death with you.

We were amazed by the quantity AND the quality of your chef-d’oeuvre. Less than 2 months after the Early Access launch, we count about +450 fanart from our community (Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc.). That’s insane! Of course, we can’t share all of them, but here’s a glimpse of talent:














May 10th, 2022

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