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Arc News
Weekly Boutique Update
December 29, 2021



The Fragrance of Dreams Magic Orb, Himalayan Orb, Mutated Flying Snow Magic Box, Naughty Cute Magic Box and much more are discounted for a limited time!



Sale Start Date: Wednesday, December 29th, 2021
Sale End Date: Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

Additionally, the Dragonsoul Boxes will be 40% off between December 31 - January 5!



Fragrance of Dreams Magic Orb

4 Leaves (60% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Fragrance of Dreams Dual Ground Mount
Joyful Walk ‘Silverjoy’ (Men’s Fashion)
Rainbow of Midguard ‘Chromafate’ (Women’s Fashion)

Pet Skill Book: Losing Grip III
Pet Skill Book: Deadliness III
Pet Skill Book: Brute Force II
Hero Card (2 Days)
Dawn Scroll
Elite Star of Hope
Elite Star of Fate
Elite Star of Morale
Elite Star of Life
Elite Star of Defiance
Pet Essence
Refined Star Crystal
Hell Road Depths Challenge
Purple Magic Stone
Tytan’s Hammer
Amethyst Crystal
Tokens of Faith



Himalayan Orb


6 Leaves (70% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Himalayan Beast Lord
Elegant Moonriver / Sweet Aegean Fashions
Divine Blood
Whole Mithril Charm

Light Dragon Scale Head
Light Dragon Scale Chest
Light Dragon Scale Shoulders
Amethyst Crystal
Astral Reforge Stone
Flare Gem Card
Hero Card 7 Day
Infinite Extermination Orders
Token of Faith



Naughty Cute Magic Box


6 Leaves (80% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Cutie Mount
Naughty Mount
Clown Mask
Unrestrained Wilds and Deadend Fashions

Box: Divine Blood
Box: Spellbound Sandgrit
Box: Arcane Crystal Shard
Paleblue Crystal
Source Essence Shard
Source Essence Fragment
Devirock Shard Giftpack
Flame Crystal Giftpack
Elemental Star Essence Giftpack

Lv3 Relic Spirit Gift Box
Bright Gembox
Flare Gembox Lv3
Dark Gold Scroll
Dar Guigo’s Fashion Token
Stable Adv. Fervor/Wisdom/Nature Rune Lv2
Monster’s Power
Awakening Stone
Token of Faith



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Dec 29th, 2021

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