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Arc News
Street Protectors Costume Contest!

Not everyone who puts on a costume to fight crime is a superhuman or a god. Some of the greatest defenders of mankind are just...people. The everyday folks who one day decide they've had enough of the injustice in the world, and take to the streets to solve the problem themselves. They may not be able to tackle Mechanon single handed, but they're some of the most respected of their kind. And now we want you to pay tribute to them, in our latest costume contest! Dress up as a "street-level" hero - someone who has few or low-level powers, who tackles the kind of friendly neighborhood crimes that folks with capes and burning wings might miss.

We'll be doing a live streamed costume contest on November 19th, judged by some of the developers that work on Champions Online! Head to the Powerhouse Theater to participate! Judging begins at 3:30pm PT, and the contest begins at 4!

You can watch the show live on the Champions Online Facebook Page, or on our Twitch Channel!

There will be three winners and ten runners up. Here's how the prizes break down:

Our Top Three will win:

  • Contest Special Item Voucher
  • Contest Heroic Item Voucher
  • Contest Honorable Item Voucher
  • And two Dev Tokens!
  • Unique Title: "No Powers Needed"


And Ten Honorable Mentions will win:

  • Two Contest Honorable Item Vouchers
  • And two Dev Tokens!


And everyone who participates will receive the title: "Defends the Streets"


The Heroic Voucher will offer you a choice of rare lockbox costumes from the past, while the Honorable Voucher will offer you a choice of rare individual costume pieces from lockboxes of the past! We'll see you at the Powerhouse Theater, Champions!



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Nov 12th, 2021

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