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New Deity Options!

Channeling divine power, lighting up the sky, hiding behind many masks, or simply raising a pint in their honor - adventurers find many ways to worship their deity. A long-standing request to expand the pantheon in Neverwinter has now been answered with the addition of 13 new deities. New adventurers will find the updated choices during character creation while veterans experiencing a crisis of faith can tithe Astral Diamonds to become a follower of a different deity.

For this quality of life update, our newest UI artist and NKOTB on the Neverwinter team brought the right stuff to create icons for the additional deities. In his own words, here is a step by step breakdown of the UI/UX work involved:


Hi Neverwinter players, this is NKOTB here and I'm excited to join the Neverwinter UI team.  I want to give you all a glimpse into the development process behind the New Deity feature that will be rolling out soon.

With the advent of "Crisis of Faith", The UI had to not only update the Character Creation screen to accommodate a longer list of deities, but also implement a way for players to switch their deity after they've already created the character.

Due to the expanded number of deities, the Deity Affiliations pane in Character Creation now supports scrolling, with the deity names arranged in alphabetical order, and the pertinent details/summary displayed on the bottom as before. The other significant UI change comes from the addition of the "Change Deity" button at the bottom left under the History tab of the Character Sheet. When it becomes enabled, the player can access the list of deities again switch to their new preferred deity after paying the required amount of ADs.

As for the art, the new icons are all drawn from published canonical representations of each new religion, with a slightly new coat of paint to bring the more linework-driven style seamlessly into the more painted deity icon art style. While most of the new deities were pretty straightforward in terms of how to best depict them (thanks to well-established references), some had alternative concepts. Given the icons' display size in the game, the challenge was in deciding which versions read more clearly to players.

After some reviews and with WOTC's direction, the best silhouettes were chosen and they will be what players see in this new update.



Whether you are a Lathanderian, Yondallan, Sunite, or Amaunatoran we hope your deity of choice blesses you on your adventures through the Forgotten Realms.

Sep 21st, 2021

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