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Developer Blog: Lockbox of Justice!

Sinister deeds are happening across the lands. A mysterious dark force lurking in the shadows pulling the strings. This time of uncertainty needs strength and resilience to protect Neverwinter. The new Lockbox of Justice arrives Tuesday, July 27 to PC!


NOTE: The Ensorcelled Lockbox will disappear on July 27, 2021 on PC.


The Lockbox of Justice



Your allies will be inspired to fight valiantly when you sit proudly atop your armored Pegasus. Note: Mythic tooltip displays max possible stats when a player has 10+ Mythic mounts in their stable.

•             Combat Power: Magnificent Inspiration (Summons your Pegasus, which flaps its mighty wings, releasing an immense gale which damages your foes and strengthens your party for the next 10 seconds. Magnitude 1500. Allies gain Forte and one of the following based on role. DPS: increased Damage. Tank: Increased Damage Resistance. Healer: Increased Outgoing Healing.


For an even greater battle there is one soul you can always count on to deliver a victory. Minsc!

•             Player Power: The Bigger They Are – Increased damage against enemies. The higher the rank of the enemy, the bigger the bonus.


In addition to these packs, the Lockbox of Justice will have a chance at rewards such as Refinement items and gems, insignias, mount upgrade tokens, and up to 1000 Tarmalune Trade Bars.



Jared Sears
Lead Systems Designer

Jul 23rd, 2021

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