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Arc News
Developer Blog: Chasing Answers - the Act IV Story


The ancient and forgotten force that has moved silently in the darkness is stirring. The mysterious Planeswalker that you’ve chased through the various planes has been tracked to Benalia, and Ral Zarek requires your aid in confronting her, to finally get some answers.

The fourth act in the Magic: Legends narrative is now live, and you must once again rise to the challenge and defend the Multiverse. This series of missions will reunite you with old allies across several of the planes in the Multiverse - culminating in a fight which sets a larger, nefarious plan into motion.

Upon completing the entirety of Act IV (‘Chasing Answers’) you will unlock Shadow Asylum - a Black/Green Rare Sorcery spell which creates a hazard at target location, dealing damage to enemies inside it, and applying Greater Resistance and Hexproof for 5 seconds when you or your allies step into it for the first time.

In addition to ‘Chasing Answers’ being added to the Benalia mission guide, a new Event will be present in the guide from May 20, 2021 to June 10, 2021 - ‘Latent Shadows’. Completing the Latent Shadows event once each day will grant one (1) Stolen Artifact, and an assortment of Planar Mana, Unrefined Aether, and Gold. Once you acquire 14 Stolen Artifacts, you can navigate to the Aetheric Core in your Realm to complete a project which unlocks Corrosive Salvo - a Black/Green Mythic Rare Sorcery - and two (2) ‘Corrosive Salvo’ Spell Infusers, 100,000 Gold, and 150,000 Unrefined Aether.

Stolen Artifacts can also be purchased for 200 ZEN each in the ZEN store – in the ‘Featured’ and ‘Services’ tabs. This will allow you to fully purchase the event reward criteria, or supplement some of your daily completions.


Thomas Foss, Winter Mullenix, and Matt Campbell
May 20th, 2021

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