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Arc News
Patch Notes: Version: NW.123.20210105a.6

Known Issues

  • A number of newer rings are giving higher stats than intended at all levels of quality. We hope to patch this soon so we reccomend not creating builds around their current state. 


Release Notes               

Content and Environment


  • Enemies in the Tutorial are now balanced for item level 500, down from 750.

Queued Content

  • Merchant Prince’s Folly: Enemies in this skirmish now have a lower item level.
  • The Random Leveling Dungeon queue now allows players to queue at level 12 or higher. Undergeared players will be scaled up to an appropriate Item Level.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Barbarian: The Sentinel paragon path can no longer incorrectly take both feats in a single tier.
  • Fighter: The Focused Retaliation boon can no longer incorrectly be procced by Retaliate (as Retaliate is not an Encounter power).
  • Paladin: Justicar: Divine Protector now properly reduces damage by 30% to match its tooltip. (It had previously reduced damage by 25%.) In addition, the typo in the word “reduces” was addressed.
  • Tanks no longer receive boosted threat generation from levels 30-35; the leveling-character boost now properly applies until 30, at which point the paragon path can take over.

Combat Rework

  • Most enemies now deal less damage than in the previous patch.


  • Allosaur once again properly uses Overbite.
  • Alpha Compy summons no longer incorrectly proc Tenebrous Enchantment.
  • Flame Sprite no longer deals twice the expected damage.

Mount Powers

  • Legendary Hellfire Engine: This mount’s combat power now consistently orients toward the targeted enemy.



Enemies and Encounters

Combat Rework

  • Enemies that heal themselves now heal for less health overall.
  • Minion-rank enemies (“one dot” difficulty indicator) now deal less damage.
  • Zombie Rotter: The Bite power has been reduced in magnitude.



Items and Economy

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Negation Enchantment once again properly increases in efficacy as it ranks up.

Item Level

  • Artifacts no longer have their item level split by activate power and passive effects. Now, the artifact’s primary power no longer grants Item Level, and the stats on all artifacts are now appropriate for their item level.
  • Chain of Scales: This item now grants equivalent stat values to Bel’s Relic.
  • Forger’s Box no longer grants item level.

Item Powers

  • Bone Devil’s Ribcage: This now properly grants Critical Strike and Critical Severity when procced from incoming healing, instead of granting Power.
  • Forger’s Box no longer incorrectly grants all bonuses, instead of just one.

Free Rewards

  • Players who earned the Divine Wings mount from their leaderboard performance in Phase 4 of the Redeemed Citadel can now freely reclaim them from the Avernus seals vendor.


  • The typo in the flavor text of rings from Rage of Bel and Avernus Hunts has been addressed.



User Interface

Character Creation

  • Metallic Dragonborn: The “Markings” entry has been removed, as no options in this entry are currently available.


  • Multiple tanks and/or multiple healers can no longer incorrectly be placed into the same Queue Group when using public queues.




Jan 25th, 2021

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