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Arc News
Try The New Perfect World Passport Alpha!
December 16, 2020


The Perfect World Passport Alpha has arrived! This new game-ready application will replace the Arc launcher, allowing a more streamlined experience for all Perfect World games. Check out all of the details below:

  1. What is the Perfect World (PW) Passport?

    • PW Passport is a new application by Perfect World Entertainment that will act as a hub for all of your favorite Perfect World Games and will replace Arc.

    • The goal was to make a lighter application that was easier to navigate and make it so players could more quickly access features without navigating so far away from their chosen game.

    • In terms of resource bandwidth, we’re running on a much newer framework which we believe will allow us to optimize the application better than Arc. We’ve also made it so extraneous features or pages will open up a web page rather than taking up space within the application itself. 

    • Navigation wise, this means that there are less redundant screens on the application. For-instance, after a user installs a game we convert the product page of that game into that game’s home page. Since any player wouldn’t need to read a description of a game they’re already playing.

  2. Expectations for the application

    • PW Passport is in its Alpha state. This means that this isn’t feature complete and we’re doing this so that way people can get some early feedback on the general way it operates. 

    • Therefore, this is the most basic version of the application that mainly showcases what we would consider the main flow that players would engage in.

      • Logging In

      • Finding a Game

      • Installing that Game

      • Playing that Game

    • As such, there are some areas that will send a user to or another older space. This is to ensure everyone still has access to a similar set of features that they were used to on at this early stage in development. We can’t share all of the features we’re looking to add but we do plan to keep feature parity with the Arc client. 

  3. If you want to try out PW Passport, the offer has now expired. Thanks for all the people who tried out Passport and gave feedback!

  4. We’ll be actively running this Alpha and checking for feedback from 12/16/2020 till 1/16/2021. We’re running a promotion with the new PWI content update, so any players that play from the PW Passport will get daily rewards for playing from this application. Please remember to launch PWI through PW Passport in order to qualify. Find more information HERE

    1. Daily Rewards include: Event Gold Scratchcard x1, Ancient Gift x1, and Dark Jade Soulstone x1.

    2. There is a link to a survey within Passport, finishing it will give you War Avatar Treasure Box x2 after the promotion ends on 1/16/2021.

  5. After that, barring any large technical issues that need fixing, we plan on keeping this download open for people to try. The goal is to continue updating the application in waves and gathering feedback whenever possible.


Dec 16th, 2020

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