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Arc News
You've Got A Friend In Me


Sharpshooter + Coldheart


Never go into battle alone, bringing with you a wide variety of summoned allies. Ghosts, Goblins, a giant Ice Golem, Rizzi’s Spirit, and the most loyal of doggo’s will all be at your beck & call.


A build for those who want to feel a little less lonely.


“I see a lot of Sharpshooter + Bane summoner builds, but I prefer the Coldheart option.” Michael elaborates further, “The pure DPS is lower, but the Ice Golem's ability to be redirected to exactly where you need it, plus the extra survivability, makes for an easier time I find - especially in harder difficulties or later Dun’djinn challenge levels.”



Rizzi's Fate
When fully leveled this skill not only gives you a stationary ranged minion, but it also slows enemies that pass through it, giving your other summons plenty of time to beat them down. 

Loyal Shasta
With an innate ability to Taunt enemies, Shasta draws aggro away from the Sharpshooter so they can always be shooting. Always.

Ice Golem
With a teleport slam, this summon not only fills out your pack but allows you to do a quick burst of damage on a precise location.

Goblin Legion
By default you can summon a pair of goblin warriors whose silly little swings help fill out your summon damage. Properly leveled this skill can also summon additional ranged goblins or even a heavy goblin brute.



Basic Attack
While Tight Grouping will be your primary way to spend Adventurer Bonus effects, the basic attack allows you to always be shooting. As a Sharpshooter should be.

Tight Grouping
This is your primary Ammo spending skill and, more importantly, your best way to take advantage of your Adventurer’s Bonus effects. Also, it does pretty good damage to a large number of enemies.

Ice Shield
Reactionary invulnerability when you get in trouble.  The Frost Skin it applies is effective invulnerability, but only lasts for a few hits.  It’s perfect for someone who has most incoming attacks pointed at a legion of pets.

Ghost Visage
Getting out of sticky situations is always a good thing, but compared to most builds, not quite as mandatory.  Ghost Visage is recommended, but can be substituted out if you don’t find yourself ever in trouble.  Cold Front is a fine alternative.

Sacrifice to Goose
The Vulnerability applied by Sacrifice to Goose is effectively a boost to not only your damage, but the damage of your army as well.



Frost Skin
As noted with Ice Shield, the Frost Skin effect is especially effective when you take infrequent, but large hits.  This passive will keep restoring Frost Skin to you over time.

Large Bores
Since this build will be using basic attacks, and wants to be triggering Ice Golem ‘s slam as often as possible, Large Bores is a very effective choice. As a Sharpshooter, all of Large Bores’ weapon options are Ranged, so it’ll stay in effect regardless of which of the three Ranged weapons you opt for.

Ice Golem’s slam is an incredibly high source of burst damage, so we want to take Energizer to maximize the amount of times we can use it.



Ryeful of Leedarshap
Adds some more Ranged attackers to your platoon.  This is the bread & butter of any Summon-based Sharpshooter build.

Shasta’s Promise
Although Shasta is a decent tank on her own, this legendary passive makes her nigh-invulnerable, constantly taunting enemies and restoring health.

The Ancient One's Token
An uncommonly seen choice, but don’t underestimate the frequency and effectiveness of Bijou and Sumon - the two ghostly pets brought in by the Ancient One’s Token.


Sep 23rd, 2020

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