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State of the Game - Week 1

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Hello Torchlight adventurers,

Every launch of an online game brings with it the certainty that everything that could go wrong, will. And Torchlight III didn't disappoint! The crowds streaming in had the predictable effect of overwhelming our servers and exposing the breaking points that our Beta didn't touch. But, 36 hours of the heroic effort by our server team restored order and thousands of players are now finding loot and vanquishing monsters left and right. Even though we're in Early Access, where the whole purpose is testing and fixing, we fully understand players’ frustration when they can't play. But, thankfully, we quickly regained our footing and can now do what we are really here for - listening to our players and steering the remaining months of development according to their feedback, desires, and fixing the bugs they find. Going forward, in the coming weeks and months we will be adding our third act, our contracts and fame systems, and our all-new unannounced end game feature. We hope the players enjoy the journey with us, and we thank them for their support and their valued feedback.

With that in mind, we also wanted to update you on the most frequently reported and critical issues. There are other bugs and problems, but here are the few we have heard the loudest and are working to resolve them:

This is an ongoing battle that we will continue to improve upon. If you continue to have major connection issues, please send us the following to

Any Available Debug Info

You can copy your debug info in-game by pressing Cntl + D and paste it into a Text Document or other program to save and send it along to us.

Any Available Game Logs

They will either be in your %localappdata%\Frontiers\Saved\Logs folder

or in your 

<steamlibrary>\steamapps\common\<torchlight 3 install dir>\Frontiers\Saved\Logs directory.

Will be fixed in an upcoming patch, if you still have issues after the patch where this is released, we will ask you to contact us directly so we can help you resolve it.

Most likely related to the issue above but will verify and follow up with more details.

The team is aware and will update.

We are still investigating this.

Fix is ready for this for a future patch.

Still under investigation.

Still under investigation.

This is being worked on to make it more obvious that you can scroll through the Frontier map and have no need to close out the Quest menu.

Still under investigation.

Fix ready for an upcoming patch.

Still under investigation.

The problem is understood and we are working on a fix.


You can continue to report bugs and feedback on our Support Center and we will continue to update everyone and send out patches as we resolve problems. Thank you again for the patience, help, logs, and positive vibes as we have worked to smooth out our game/product better for our future launch.

- Max


Jun 17th, 2020

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