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Arc News
Get Fancy with the Duds of Abraham Lincoln!

Four Score and Seven Years ago, a cry went out from Captains across the galaxy. They had seen the epitome of style, the grandest of Space Barbie, and they wanted it. And now, The Emancipator costume can be yours – for free! From March 26th to March 30th, you’ll be able to pick out the most presidential of outfits for free in the Zen Store. Wear the stylings of Abraham Lincoln on all races, with the Long Coat, Bowtie, and Top Hat that the man himself made famous in The Measure of Morality. Not only that, but if your style is a little more jaunty, you’ll find the Top Hat Mini in this package as well, for all of your fanciest party needs. Enjoy Captains, but grab the costume now, you only have a limited time!


Mar 26th, 2020

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