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Arc News
Post Launch Patch 1 - Update Notes
September 26, 2019


New Features:

● NG+ Reset featured added on Manage Character screen

NOTE:  For players affected with "New Game Plus" issues, there is now the feature to reset your world on the Manage Character screen. After selecting a "New Game Plus" Character from the Manage Character screen, players will have the choice to reset their "New Game Plus" character's world to a level that more closely matches their character level.

● New Pet in Patch -- The Rhino.
● Added Character Class and Charge Meter descriptions on character creation screen.
● Added a prompt describing Hardcore Mode when players select this on character
● Ability to see player levels beside names in multiplayer
● Controller Diagram added to the Settings Menu


Bugs Addressed:

● Fixed a crash related to pets going to town
● Applied stability improvements for PS4 crashes
● Applied stability improvements for Xbox One launch crashes
● Fixed exploit where players could add more potions to shopping list after running out of
● Stability improvements for trading
● Multiplayer stability improvements
● General performance improvements



Sep 26th, 2019

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