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Developer Blog: Fane of the Night Serpent

As brave heroes venture into the Lost City of Omu, completing vital quests for Eku, each question answered leads to a larger mystery…

What Lies Beneath The Royal Palace?

Explorers have learned the hard way that dangerous yuan-ti plague the ruins within the great circular wall that surrounds the Royal Palace of Omu.  All ranks of yuan-ti passionately guard against the discovery of the entrance to the Temple of the Night Serpent that lies hidden beneath.  

Deep within the temple, the cruel malison Fenthaza serves as high priest to the serpent god Dendar.  Since the death of Ras Nsi, Fenthaza may well represent the last of yuan-ti leadership.  Defeating Fenthaza could rid Omu of yuan-ti once and for all. 


Getting Inside

Among the crumbling walls and towers of the Royal Palace, any known access to its ancient halls and chambers has been sealed by the slow, destructive press of the jungle.

While searching for an entrance to the temple, adventurers will find more than a few yuan-ti to slow them down.  Higher ranking, more deadly forms of yaun-ti (Dancers and Venomshots) command numerous lesser types (Sharpshooters and Swordsman) to great effect.  It would be foolish to underestimate them.  

Naturally, other jungle denizens can be found prowling the area, so keep your eyes open.  The ruins present many blind corners and alcoves that can hide additional snake worshipers or create traps to get backed into and overwhelmed.

Once they have been found, bring the nine puzzle cubes of the Trickster Gods, together at the Trickster Gate before the entrance to the palace.  The hidden passage to the Temple of the Night Serpent will be revealed.


The Path to the Temple

The passages and chambers of the once great Omuan Palace has been taken over by the curse and stain of the yuan-ti and the Night Serpent.  Sections have been sealed off to produce dark hiding places while other walls have been breached letting the jungle and rain penetrate.

As this is one of the last bastions of strength for the yuan-ti, expect the most powerful among them to defend Fenthaza and the temple.  Even abominations have been rumored to be in her service.  Defeating any number of them would be an achievement in itself.

Fenthaza is one of the few to become one of Dendar's true Nightmare Speakers, with this great honor, Fenthaza sees and interprets Dendar's dreams, giving the high priest useful clairvoyance.  So, your invasion may not catch anyone in the temple by surprise.  Also, having survived tombs and temples in Chult this far, you know that the ancient architects are fond of devious traps. Take a deep breath and stay on your toes.

Gaining the favor of Dendar requires Fenthaza to have many ready victims at her beck and call.  It is likely that you will find prisoners in need of rescue.  Lastly, Celeste and Makos each have their own interests in the temple and the defeat of Fenthaza.  An encounter with either of them would not be a surprise.


Fenthaza and the Temple

Fenthaza, second in power to Ras Nsi, has become resentful and wicked over the years.  In her powerful position, she holds the role of high priest and Dendar's Nightmare Speaker.  She pleases the serpent god through cruel torture and sacrifice.

While Fenthaza's role gives her power and influence, the dreams have also given her visions to find treasures hidden deep beneath Omu.  She and her champions are likely to be well equipped and if defeated, reveal significant relics and treasures.

When you have reached the 'head of the snake', the temple itself, Fenthaza will fight for Dendar, for the future of the yuan-ti and for her own life.  She will try to anticipate your moves, draw power from her tortured victims and from the Night Serpent herself to bring the full strength of Dendar down upon you and your party.

Will you survive to see Fenthaza destroyed or fall before Dendar and the Fane of the Night Serpent?


Nick Corea
Content Designer

Feb 21st, 2018

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