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Free MMORPG - Perfect World International - Patch Notes Version 580
December 8, 2011



Patch Notes Version 580

Released November 2, 2011


Faction Trials

Brand-new dungeons available from the Faction Base for players Lv80+.

Players are tasked with stopping the prophesized arrival of a greater evil.

Players can complete these Trials up to 3 times each week. The timer resets every Wednesday.


Elysium Village

A mythical village shrouded in mystery has made its appearance.

Lv100+ players will automatically receive a quest to initiate.


Rank Gear

Rank 8 sets have received 2 new armor pieces, available from Ti Chien in Thousand Streams.

Earthguard players may now obtain their very own Rank 9 equipment.


Awakened Rank 8

Rank 8 equipment can be upgraded into Awakened variants by Reforging at (572,661) in Archosaur.

All Awakened equipment can be customized via Reshaping and Honing at the above location.

Materials for Reforging, Reshaping and Honing are available via the Faction Trials.


Ascended Rank 9

Rank 9 equipment can be Reforged into Ascended variants with improved stats. Speak to the Commander-in-Chief in Thousand Streams for more information.

This process requires a new material, Summerwind Tokens, that can be created with Rapture & Uncanny Crystals from the Celestial General in City of a Thousand Streams.


Ring Engraving

Two new levels of Ring Engravings are now available at (572,662) in Archosaur.


Faction Base 

The base's level cap has been increased to 30.

The Faction Sentinel now teleports players to the center of their base.


New Quests

A new repeatable questline is available at Amber in Archosaur for players with at least 'Aware of Harmony' Spiritual Cultivation.

Lv100+ Crazy Stone quests are now available in Elysium Village.

Lv100+ Order of Justice quests are now available in Elysium Village.



Damage Ranking: show off your most-powerful attack to the Elder of the Streams.

Coins: the coin count now changes color depending on how many coins the player has.

Right-click Function: several UI elements now accept the right-click input in addition to dragging the appropriate item.


Balance Fixes

Assassins may no longer remain stealthed while controlling a Territory War catapult.

Secret Passage's PvP controls are once again re-enabled. Players below 30 cannot join in PvP here. Flying is disabled once again in Secret Passage.


Bug Fixes

The Glacix Dragoon in Frostcovered City has had its Exp significantly reduced.

The mob previously-known as Kowlin has been restored to its original name.


Free MMORPG - Perfect World International (PWI)

Dec 8th, 2011

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