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Arc News
Imbue Sale!
April 25, 2012


If you're looking to upgrade your equipment, we have the perfect sale for you!

On sale for this week only you can grab the Stone of Peace, Void Stone and Blood Immerged Stone all for a massive 50% off!

Use these items to help you imbue, socket, imbed and improve your equipment!

Start Date: Wednesday, April 25 at 8:00 AM (Pacific)

End Date: Wednesday, May 2 at 8:00 AM (Pacific)


Blood immerged Stone

Forge item. Use to switch between Health and
Defence focus for: Lv 90 and 100 Diplomatic Armor,
Lv 100 Dragon Slayer Armor, Lv 115 Dragon Lord Armor,
and Lv 115 Genesis Armor.

Stone of Peace

Provides a 100% success rate when Imbuing up to +4.
Consumes 1 stone per Imbue.
You can combine 2 Stone of Peace and
3 Ancestral Crystals to create a Triangle Stone of Peace
(provides a 100% success rate when imbuing up to +5)

Void Stone

Increases success rate of a single socketing attempt by 20%.
Gear is destroyed if socketing fails.
You can combine 2 Void Stones into 1 Triangle Void Stone
at the Ancestral Forge. Triangle Void Stone increases
success rate of a single socketing attempt by 100%
when increasing Sockets to 4 or lower.


Apr 25th, 2012

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