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Gigantic 204: Movement



MOVEMENT is a cornerstone of Gigantic, so learning how to sprint, jump, and dodge is key to success on a fast-paced battlefield. Here’s a quick rundown of the different mobility tools in your Gigantic arsenal!








SPRINTING provides a significant boost to your movement speed, allowing you to quickly traverse the map and rotate to the objectives of an ever-changing battlefield.

Outside of combat, sprinting is free - meaning you can get to where you need to go as quickly as possible! Once you enter combat, however, sprinting begins to consume your stamina every second. Try to conserve your stamina and make sure to have enough for a quick getaway if the tides turn against you.

Read more about stamina: Health and Stamina





JUMPING is useful for getting up platforms, over ledges, across gaps, and away from enemies.

Like sprinting, jumping outside of combat is free, allowing you to easily navigate the battlefield. When in combat, jumping begins to consume stamina.

  • Jumping 3 times consecutively will incur a penalty, reducing the height that you can jump.
  • Jumping 6 times consecutively will ground you entirely.
  • Jumping while completely out of stamina will result in a short-hop and a stumble.


Melee Heroes also gain a special attack by using their primary attack after jumping. This consumes additional stamina, but hitting an enemy in the back will apply Cripple to slow their retreat!




SHIFT + Direction

DODGING is an advanced tactic that helps you avoid attacks. While it comes with a high stamina cost, the reward can make a difference in battle if used at the right time.

Most attacks can be avoided using the INVULNERABILITY FRAMES (known as "i-frames") that come with dodges. When dodging, you will gain a brief moment of invulnerability. This means that they can not only be used to avoid attacks, but can sometimes negate their effects entirely. Note that this does not apply to damage from ground effects or debuffs.

Hop into the Practice Arena to improve your dodging prowess!


Melee Heroes also gain a powerful attack after dodging. At the cost of additional stamina, use your primary attack after you dodge to charge forward and deal damage.

May 7th, 2021

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