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Gigantic 202: Health and Stamina



You have two primary resources in Gigantic: HEALTH and STAMINA. Learning how to manage both is critical to success, and mastering them will give you an edge up on the competition!







Your HEALTH BAR - the green bar located to the left of your Focus skill - represents your Hero's life pool, and is a measure of how long you're able to remain in the fight. Properly managing your health means the difference (quite literally) between life and death, so keeping your health bar filled should be your top priority at all times.

  • Each segment of your health bar represents 500 health for both Heroes and creatures, and 1000 health on the Guardians.
  • The health bar displays your health (green), temporary health (dark green), and shield (light blue).
  • When your health bar reaches 0, your Hero is defeated and returns to the Airship. After a short respawn timer, you start back at 100% health.

Above all else, remember that each death provides power to the enemy Guardian, so keep an eye on your health and play it safe as you get started in Gigantic.


  • If you're new to Gigantic, focus on STAYING ALIVE over killing enemies. How to make the most of each life is an important skill to learn!
  • Don't let your health get too low! Take shelter on a friendly point or get out of combat to regenerate health.
  • Remember: you can't do damage if you're dead!

Your STAMINA BAR - the blue bar located to the right of your reticle - is a special resource that allows you to sprint, dodge, jump, and utilize powerful dodge and sprint attacks. While health determines how long you can stay in the fight, stamina is used to navigate the battlefield, avoid hits, and to quickly get in and out of combat.

  • Stamina is only consumed by sprinting and jumping when you're in combat. Out of combat, you can sprint and jump for free!
  • Each segment represents 25 stamina - the cost of a dodge!
  • Dodging ALWAYS costs stamina, though you can ALWAYS dodge as long as you have at least 1 stamina.

Learning how to manage your stamina can be the single most important skill in Gigantic. Here are a few advanced tips to help you on the battlefield:



  • Make sure you have enough stamina to chase a fleeing foe or escape from a precarious situation.
  • Don't run out of stamina! Running out entirely will DOUBLE the time it takes for the regeneration to kick in!




You can regenerate your health in a few different ways:

  1. By staying out of combat for a few seconds, your health will begin to regenerate slowly, and will speed up the longer you remain out of combat.
  2. You can receive healing from allied Heroes or creatures, or by standing in the healing aura of a creature.
  3. Killing enemy Heroes will also drop a healing orb for your team – a good way to get a burst of healing in the middle of battle.

It's ok to retreat while you wait for your health to regenerate! Find safety near a friendly creature!


Stamina only regenerates when you are not using any skills or performing any actions OTHER than walking. This means that using skills, sprinting, jumping, and even capturing an Orb or summoning a creature will interrupt your stamina regeneration.

Wait a moment between actions to gain a tick of stamina before continuing your assault. Even if you’re in combat, it only takes a second to regenerate 20% of your stamina.

Note that running out of stamina ENTIRELY will DOUBLE the time it takes for your stamina to start regenerating. Try to avoid running out of stamina entirely, even if you let it start regenerating with only a single stamina point remaining!


Remaining OUT-OF-COMBAT (OOC) for a few seconds will turn your health and stamina bars translucent, at which point you will begin to slowly regenerate health. The longer you stay out of combat, the faster your health will regenerate.

Using a skill or taking damage will put you back into combat and reset both your health and stamina regeneration. This also resets the speed at which you regenerate, so avoid your enemies while recovering health.

While stamina regeneration is not based on whether you’re in combat or not, performing any action will halt your regeneration. Be sure to lay off the trigger when you get low on stamina. 

May 7th, 2021

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