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Arc News
Agents of Yesterday Now Available!



In order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, the Star Trek Online team delivered the fantastic Agents of Yesterday expansion in the summer of 2016.  That expansion, as well as the season Artifacts, is now live on Playstation 4 and Xbox One! Prepare your classic Original Series tunics and dust off your Mark II phasers; you’re about to engage in an amazing adventure in that classic era.
First and foremost, players can create brand new captains from the Original Series era and engage in a story that takes them through the 23rd century and beyond. There will be a sweeping mystery to solve, one that ties into the overall story Star Trek Online has been telling for years. For players that choose to keep playing with their existing characters, we have a can’t-miss set of five episodes that will tie into the Agent story line and finish a story arc we’ve been telling for nearly a year. 
Next, we have an amazing cast of voice actors joining our captains on their adventure through this episodic content. Walter Koenig will be reprising his role as Chekov, and Chris Doohan will be filling in for his father by playing Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. Chase Masterson will be reprising her role as Admiral Leeta from the Mirror Universe, and Matt Winston will be making his Star Trek Online debut as Agent Daniels - originally seen on Star Trek: Enterprise. Finally, we have Joseph Gatt playing the cyborg crewman 0718, a character from the new Star Trek movies who joins us on our first adventure into that universe.
With the release of Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Star Trek Online will begin a brand new storyline featuring the episode “Echoes of Light”. Captains will once again meet up with the Lukari, and head off into a truly amazing adventure to introduce the formerly isolationist species to galactic exploration. You will be finding strange new worlds, interacting with lifeforms both new and old, and make a discovery that will shape the direction of the Star Trek Online story through all of 2017 and beyond.
In addition to all of that amazing story content we  have 3 full reputations full of amazing end game rewards, 8 queues full of new team based content for everyone to play, the K13 Fleet Holding to give your fleet new rewards and an Original Series themed social map to relax on, and the Armada System that allows up to 13 fleets to form an Armada to work together towards completing their fleet holdings and earning some bonuses while they’re at it.
This release is packed with amazing content, and with the ability to create a new captain from scratch in a new, free expansion there has never been a better time to dive into Star Trek Online.
I’ll see you in game!
Steve Ricossa
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online
Feb 14th, 2017

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