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Arc News
Exile in the North: Creatures

New to Gigantic comes the latest creature that are sure to freeze your enemies in their tracks! The new Winter Bloomer and Yeti Cyclops join the ranks of Gigantic this Thursday in our newest update. These wintery summons feature a variety of unique skills that can upgrade your arsenal. 

Yeti Cyclops

First came the ice. Then came the claws. ~Tarrek the Survivor

This Adult Cyclops has a variety skills to help keep the enemy team locked down!

Environmental Impact

Creates a protective wall near its location.

Focus Skill

Cyclops Smash: Shockwave that launched weakens enemies.


Punch Out: Powerful melee attack combo.

Tremors: Ruptures the ground beneath foes knocking them upward and freezing them.

Extra Info

Creates icy areas that inflicts freeze!


Winter Bloomer

Only a hardy tree survives the harsh winter

This new form of Adult Bloomer will keep your team alive! With both heals and shields, this creature spawns all-new Frost Orbs!

Environmental Impact

Creates up to 2 frost blooms that heal one ally for 300 HP.

Focus Skill

Restoration: Heals target ally for 85 per second.


Entangling Roots: Ground projectile that slows enemies.

Extra Info

Healing blooms also spawn frost orbs. These frost orbs apply a 150HP shield for 6 seconds, when broken applying freeze on nearby foes for 3 seconds.


Want an early sneak peek at these new chilling creatures? Make sure to check out our official Twitch channel today at 11:00AM Pacific (What's that in your time?) as we feature an exclusive developer interview showing off the new creatures! Join us at!  

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Jan 25th, 2017

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