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Free MMORPG - Perfect World International - PWI Patch Notes - Imperial Fury
June 27, 2012



PWI "Imperial Fury" Patch Notes

Released May 23, 2012




- Lunar Glade & Warsong City changes:

Enemies are now significantly more difficult

There are also new optional bosses who will drop materials to upgrade your Ascended Rank 9 and Nirvana armor & weapons.



- Endless Universe changes:


The altar above Endless Universe now hosts the Advanced Endless Universe dungeon. 

Awaiting inside are the 4 Emperors: Aohe, Chigo, Locen and Aurogon.

Players will have 6 opportunities to tackle this dungeon per week. Failure does not count against this number, but leaving the instance or completing the instance will.


Upon entering an Order's headquarters, players will now be tasked with a new questline to follow up on the Morai questline.


A new Phoenix Valley dungeon is available for players Lv100+.




- Bounty Hunter changes:


The Bounty Hunter Lv100+ quests have had 2 targets changed.

The Bounty Hunter Lv70+ quests now grant Fairy Box Keys.


Perfect Stones now stack to 9,999 and Guardian Scrolls stack to 99.

The Squad and Faction Signets are now useable in Morai.

The Morai Guide NPCs now have a new buff item to purchase for 1 mysterious chip and 10,000 coins.

The Morai Orders now offer items to allow multiple runs of various dungeons beyond their once per day limit. These items are Order-specific and cost Influence points.

The Aurora Agent awaits in Archosaur to convert your unwanted Tokens of Luck for prizes.




User Interface


There is a new UI for selection of targets when pressing Tab. Click the orange button near the player panel (top left) for more info.

PvP protections UI now has a checkbox to prevent receiving Neutral Blessings.





Various skills have had their cooldowns lowered.

New skillbooks are available from Advanced Endless Universe.




Bug Fixes


Fixed an exploit to drop bound-equipment/items

Fixed an exploit in a Public Quest

UI Screenshot mode at high resolutions with UI enabled is now disabled

Secret Passage is no longer PvP-enforced

Share the Stealth skill no longer gives players abnormally-high stealth levels

Bushy-tailed Venomancers no longer have see-through undergarments

Presets Standard 1, 3 & 5 for Venomancers at character creation now change their skin color to match their face color



Known Issue


The new chest-slot robes from Warsong City & Lunar Glade for the 5 caster classes are not yet obtainable. This only applies to the Rank 9 set, not the Nirvana set.



Free MMORPG - Perfect World International (PWI)

Jun 27th, 2012

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