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GIGANTIC 101: Understanding The Power Race

Welcome to Gigantic - our unique take on the MOBA genre! Whether you come from a background playing traditional MOBAs, tactical shooters, fighting games, or action RPG's, there's a lot that will be familiar as you jump into Gigantic. There's also a lot of things that will not be familiar, which is why we've prepared these guides to help explain some of the more complicated mechanics you'll encounter as you get started.

Note that we won't be diving into the deep and exciting details of evolving heroes, battlefield tactics, or the “meta” strategies you’ll encounter while playing; we'll leave that to the players, since they're better than us anyways! Instead, we'll be covering the basic mechanics you need to know to succeed on the battlefield.

Let's begin with one of the most important mechanics that you can learn and master: the power race!




At its most basic, most fundamental, most "break-it-down-to-a-single-mechanic" form, Gigantic is a power race. Almost *every* mechanic in the game is built around the effort to power up your guardian – or inadvertently aid the enemy as they power theirs – and learning to win the race is key to ensuring that you achieve victory in every match you play!

Here's the deal: for most of a match, you won't be able to harm the enemy guardian; in fact, getting close to them will usually result in a lot of pain coming your way! Power is what gives a guardian the strength they need to not only subdue the enemy guardian, but make them vulnerable to your attacks.

In the power race, the first guardian to reach 100 power rampages across the battlefield to strike the enemy guardian, providing you with a brief window when you can attack and damage the enemy guardian. This is the *only* opportunity you’ll have to hurt the enemy guardian - which is the key to winning the game - so learning how to power up your guardian before the enemy powers theirs will often be the difference between victory and defeat.

So how does the race play out? Let's talk about what happens when you WIN the power race, and what happens when you LOSE.



When a guardian’s power bar reaches 100%, the victorious guardian rampages the battlefield to strike down the enemy guardian. This does deal some damage to the enemy during the attack - demonstrated by the flashing healthbar - but it will often fall to you and your team to strike the enemy’s weak point while its vulnerable.

The amount of time it takes a guardian to cross the battlefield is displayed as rampage timer in the middle of the screen. This is a countdown to the moment that the enemy guardian is vulnerable, so use it to time your charge into enemy territory to take full advantage of the opportunity.

ADVANCED TIP: You can also listen to the music and the “heartbeat” of the guardian, which is another indicator of when it’s vulnerable and when it recovers.

You'll have at least 20 seconds to attack the vulnerable guardian, though you can extend the window by killing enemy heroes and creatures during the rampage. When the enemy guardian becomes vulnerable, strike the large, glowing point on the guardian’s head - their weak point - to deal damage.

Remember that this is the ONLY time in the game when you can deal damage to one of three health bars, known as “wounds.” Each wound represents the maximum amount of damage you can deal during a single rampage - a limitation that prevents a team from ending the game in a single push.

ADVANCED TIP: Sometimes the guardian will deal enough damage to "auto-wound" the enemy guardian. If the enemy guardian's health bar AND heart are flashing, you won't need to do anything to finish the wound.

Each consecutive wound represents a larger portion of its health pool. While the first wound contains about 25% of the guardian's total health, the final wound contains the most - nearly half of the guardian's total health. This means you’ll need to coordinate with your team to deal enough damage to secure the wound, and also gives you more opportunities to defend against the attacking team as you get into the second and third wound.

Total Guardian Health: 24,000 hp

First Wound: 6,000 hp

Second Wound: 8,000 hp

Third Wound: 10,000 hp

The first team that is able to inflict three wounds to the enemy guardian wins the match!



While the winning team follows in the footsteps of their guardian to secure the wound, the defending team is anything but helpless! While the enemy guardian rampages across the map, the defending team has an opportunity to build shield for their guardian before it becomes vulnerable. Each action that built power previously – killing enemies and clearing enemy creatures – now builds an equal amount of shield to protect your guardian from incoming damage.

Building as much shield as possible during the rampage is important, as it will not only mitigate the damage dealt by the enemy guardian, but will absorb 85% of all incoming damage from the enemy team until it’s broken. The stronger your guardian’s shield, the better chance you have to prevent your enemies from securing the wound.

Here’s a breakdown of how the shield protects against damage from the attacking guardian:

Shield vs. Guardian Attack: Damage dealt = 3000 + (1500 × ((100 - Shield) / 100))

(Note that 100% shield negates ALL guardian damage.)

And here’s how it guards against the enemy heroes. Remember that the shield will absorb 85% of all incoming damage until it's broken:

0 Shield: 0 protection against enemy team attacks

10 Shield: 70 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

20 Shield: 140 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

30 Shield: 210 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

40 Shield: 280 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

50 Shield: 350 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

60 Shield: 420 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

70 Shield: 490 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

80 Shield: 560 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

90 Shield: 630 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

100 Shield: 700 hp shield vs. enemy team attacks

The stronger the shield, the less likely your enemy will be able to secure the wound. So build your shield, defend your guardian, and then turn the tides by winning the next power race!


Now that you know why you want to generate power for your guardian, it’s time to learn how you build power. Check out the next guide to learn more about the different ways you can build power in Gigantic!

Now get out there and power up your guardian!

May 7th, 2021

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