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Free MMORPG - Perfect World International - PWI - September Pack-stravaganza!
September 25, 2012


Starting Wednesday at 1am server time, we're applying steep discounts to three of our most popular chance packs as well as our ever-useful survival bundles! Continue reading below for the full scoop!




Going on sale this week:




The sale on chance packs will run from 9/26/2012 at 1am server til 10/24/2012 at 1am server.

The sale on the Survival Kits/Starter Kit will from from 9/26 at 1am server til 10/10/2012 at 1am server.



Neophyte's Kit

  • This bundle contains a ton of useful stuff at a great price! Within it you'll find:
    • 1x Silver HP Charm (90 day duration)
    • 1x Silver MP Charm (90 day duration)
    • 1x Gold HP Charm (90 day duration)
    • 1x Gold MP Charm (90 day duration)
    • 10x Teleport Stone
    • 20x Teleport Incense (teleports you to the nearest city)
    • 10x Hyper EXP Stone
    • 1x Horn of Joy Pack, which contains:
      • 1x random 7-day Smiley
      • 1x 7-day Bunny Vendor Shop 


  • For descriptions of the items within, please click here.
  • Please note that the Neophyte's Kit can only be purchased once per character!





  Explorer's Pack


A full complement of items to aid any new adventurer. It contains:

  • 1 Silver Guardian Charm
  • 1 Silver Spirit Charm
  • 2 Perfect Iron Hammers
  • 5 Hyper EXP Stones
  • 1 Inventory Extension Stone
  • 1 Safe Extension Stone 




  Scout's Kit


A heavy pack on a cute Panda Cub containing provisions for any adventurer. It contains:

  • Gold Guardian Charm
  • Gold Spirit Charm
  • 2 Perfect Iron Hammers
  • 10 Hyper EXP Stones
  • 2 Inventory Extension Stones
  • 2 Safe Extension Stones
  • 1 Bad Panda Cub (Mount)



  Pathfinder's Kit


A kit so large, it's bursting at the seams. It contains:

  • 1 Gold Guardian Charm
  • 1 Gold Spirit Charm
  • 2 Perfect Iron Hammers
  • 10 Hyper EXP Stones
  • 1 Geographic Map
  • 4 Inventory Extension Stones
  • 4 Safe Extension Stones
  • 2 Cages
  • 1 Bad Panda Cub (Mount)
  • 1 Flyer Ticket (Choice of Shadowbreeze/Seraphic Mist/Hellfire Drake/Zuriel's Blade/Glazed Celestial) 





  Starter Kit


A kit created specifically for beginners. This item, once right-clicked, will give you a Super Inventory Stone (Inventory to the MAX), ground mount, Geographic Map, 5 Teleport Stones, a guardian and spirit charm, 10 Teleacoustics, and 5 Training Esotericas (boost your EXP gain temporarily)! All in all, a great deal. 





To view/purchase items from the PWI Boutique, press the "o" (oh key)! 

To Charge ZEN, click here!

To Earn Free ZEN, click here!


Free MMORPG - Perfect World International (PWI)

Sep 25th, 2012

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